“Big Dippers, Hill Dancers, and LEADERSHIP!” #123

Some are born, some are forged – all are chosen.

It is time to unpack the characteristics of leadership, and question the integrity of the star naming system!


“If constellations were amusement park rides, the Big Dipper would be Disney’s Tea Cups!”

“The qualities that make a born leader are also the ones they pay close attention to as a learned one. ”

“Great leadership is not a destination, it’s a decision to keep on becoming a better one for the rest of your life.”

You, or someone you know!

“The Oz Behind Vegas, Politics, & Subway Smells!” #122

As the rhythmic wheels of our first-world routines lullaby our heads and hearts to sleep, it escapes us once more. A great truth, cowering behind the shield of a green curtain and slithering yet deeper into figment of imagination. 

Most lives are restlessly lived in the mist of this slumber… However, if you are lucky and brave enough, you can follow it.  And if you follow it long enough, you can hear it…  From beyond a well-traveled path to the lesser-known curtain, you can identify that alluring whisper which has begged, bartered, and bet against your better judgement for your entire life.

Join Stan, Stitch, and Mike as they travel down that familiar road, bricked and yellowed, together.  It has been too long since someone confronted this ‘so-called’ wizard face-to-face!


“They’re gambling against the gamblers, but the gamblers are the sheep and Vegas is the shepherd.”

“Cereal deserves at least 1%, otherwise just use faucet water.”

“Obscure movie references, wine, Cleveland sports… Mike might be in the running for my new best friend.”
…“Tune in next week to the Mike and Stan Podcast!”

You, or someone you know!

#RiseBeforeFall……..it’s time!


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Photo by EVG photos on Pexels.com

Hello Friends!

In the not so distant past I was on the infamous #loopholesonlife.com podcast with my pal Stitch and as we concluded thoroughly discussed the wonders of Hot Yoga and the concept of “Everything from Nothing” we caught ourselves in the midst of an unexpected and organic moment of realizing we….like many others…..might just have a little too many clothes, toys and materials than what we really need.  We made a commitment that night to do something about it and I hope to challenge and implore many of you to do the same along with us!

The campaign is called #RiseBeforeFall and we are committing to giving away about 1/3 of our closet to a charitable organization of our choice!  I have chosen to give my clothes to #goodwill and my shoes to  #soles4souls and will be documenting my progress on twitter if you follow me please @stanloopholes.  My son is gonna catch the fever and give away his toys that he is now too old for as well!

I got super excited about this when I was talking with Stitch because honestly I thought he wouldn’t be game for such a challenge!  For me living in NYC it’s easy to see the upside in downsizing in our shoebox apartments.  But even Stitch in his nice sizeable Akron Ohio home was down for the cause!  “I am about to go nuts, man!” were his exact words!!  So let’s see it Stitch!  Follow his path @loopholesonlife; let’s see what you can post along with me!!

What a crazy path this podcast and Loopholesonlife.com mindset brings us each and every day, week and month!  You would have thought this would have come up on “The unbelievable life of washing machines, and materialism” which was perhaps one of my favorite pods of all time; but leave it to us to get sidetracked like two dogs chasing a squirrel and find our passion to do something great on our Nothingness podcast.

I thank you for reading along with this blog and following our podcast and I challenge you to join us on twitter and to join us before the summer is officially over by committing to participating….even if a little….in #RiseBeforeFall!

See you all soon on the pod!


“Art of the Impossible!” #121

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

Winnie the Pooh

Revealing words. Bear truths…
Straight outta the 1-double-0 acre wood comes the philosophy of our favorite teddy.

Unrivaled is Pooh Bear’s knack for stating something so profoundly simple that we are left with nothing but the simply profound.

Pooh, as he so often does, operates in a fashion that demands we conclude he is delightfully ignorant, or better yet, just a “Silly Old Bear!”…

But friends, perhaps it is we who fast-forward past his simple genius, overlooking his bear smarts. Perhaps we are focusing on the wrong word and Pooh is simply ignoring the right one. Maybe it is us who carelessly hone in on his use of “nothing”, as Winnie casually escapes our emphasis on the “impossible”!?!

So… how do we accomplish the impossible?

Well… if Winnie the Pooh, Yoda, Taoism and Nike all agree on an approach, Just Do It! (per Yoda, there is no try)


“You know you’ve made it when your Last Name serves as a noun, an adjective and, especially, a verb!”

“I’ve never considered anything I’ve done impossible — I’ve just never even considered the possibility.”

“Greatness is not a destination.  Greatness is a decision.”

You, or someone you know!
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