Jack of All Trades….Master of None


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Have you ever had a dozen “dreams” but not one of them have come true yet?  Have you ever told yourself you could speak another language, play a musical instrument, own your dream car, learn how to cook, read more books, be your own boss and work on being the best friend and family member of anyone around you?  Well in no specific order I definitely have done much of this “dreaming.”  Many of my closest friends and family will tell you that I am always thinking of a new idea, plan, plot or development that I MAY or MAY NOT do.

I was contemplating this the other day and thinking critically about my behaviors in this way.  I was truly wondering…..am I a flake??  Do I talk a big game and nothing ever changes?  After all I want to be clear; I am not an idiot here.  I am quite successful in my career with more promotions on the horizon and a high income earner with a loving son and girlfriend and my family thinks the world of me.  I have accomplished things along the way in my life some will never be able to including becoming a second level Sommelier which is no easy task and the youngest General Manager in the history of one of America’s greatest and most prolific fine dining concepts.  But at the end of the day those weren’t my “dreams.”  Those things just happened along the way mostly born of the necessity to grow my career.

So here I am with so many of my “dreams” still on the sideline while my “success” is moving forward on other things.  Some of that is ok; I do love my job and my industry but again multiple pieces of my souls puzzle have still been missing for years.  It’s true…I wanted to learn to play the guitar like BB King and I currently play camp fire guitar and have only 3 originals I’m proud of….I love the Spanish language and wanted to be fluent and I can’t get past the basics in conversations and can’t ask the questions I want to know about the person I care to know so much about…..I often have dreams of getting my restaurant, investment, income property and I flip flop on those concepts more than a Chicago Politician.

I guess the answer is how do you move the needle to get them all done?  Does this mean compromise and letting one go or does it mean better time management of them all ?  This is a difficult and age old questions and I think I found the answer….you ready for it?  You need to put all the effort and energy into the one that you are most passionate about.  Look at my example…guitar sounds cool..would love to be better but it’s not my career nor do I want it to be.  Spanish I dream to speak it fluently but I have years of retirement and travel to Latin destinations to move that needle.  What is most on my mind and passionate is the need to become an investor.  To do more with my time, money and effort day to day.  That is what I need to put first and foremost and with the reward just might come more time, money and ability to re-visit the other dreams!  You never know after the oozing passion of your TRUE dream is pursued and accomplished there could be more time and balance to re-visit the others!

In closure, it’s important to become a master of ONE and not none.  I’ve been a Jack of All Trades for ages knowing a LITTLE bit about everything and mastering only the things I didn’t intend to!  It’s time for me to take the things I do know and walk them into a life of mastering one that I haven’t.  Good luck with your journey and know that your other goals, hopes and dreams are NOT FAR AWAY and stick your time, effort and energy into the one you want to see materialize the most.  Even if it’s out of reach such as becoming a rock star or athlete just go for it and the other “trades” will be there waiting for you if that doesn’t work out!


-Stan #loopholesonlife.com




“The Lobby for Hobbies, and against Circumcision!” #129

We’re Lobbying for Hobbyists around the world!

Think about the things you are passionate about and actively pursue. Now, think about the things you are passionate about yet make no time for at all.  Finally, think about the fleeting feeling you had as you considered each of those scenarios, and how infinitely different they were.

Modern society seems to applaud the ‘busy little beaver’ approach to a productive day… but maybe with a subtle change or two, we can have a more rewarding life.

Maybe it’s time to pursue a little more investment of time in YOU!!

Great hobbies are forever, and thankfully… circumcisions do not make the cut!


“Someone would open the door and I would hide my G.I. Joes like I was scurrying to cover up a crime scene!”

“When you convince yourself something is a hobby that isn’t a hobby, you’ve made a hobby out of manipulating yourself.”

“‘Imagine circumcision at this age, four guys come in like ‘Stitch, we’re going to cut part of your penis off…’
…’It would take four guys to get that foreskin!'”

You, or someone you know

“A Sloth, a Snooki, and Party of Three!” #128

It’s a New Year, aka, GO time!
Like clockwork, or more precisely, full-calendar-year-work, we are ‘ready-set-go’ to break old habits and start new trends… Here’s a powerful something you ought to consider while berated with infinite inspirational articles and a handful of self-written notes: what was the VERY first trend?

Here’s a 3-pronged riddled-truth :

  • we perceive life in it
  • yet death comes in it
  • and it’s the most striking number

Oh, the power of THREE!

Discover why three is the most important number since zero — and why zero has never been a number at all.


If someone shook your hand with only 3 fingers, and just 3-toed-sloth you, you’d have to break form…”

“‘What was the original iPhone girl called again?’ ‘Patricia?'”

“Anyone can make it to New Jersey… it’s a loophole on life if they make it back!”

You, or someone you know
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