One-Liner Inspires: Get Better in Sight

“Good retrospective is 20/20good introspective is 24/7.

~Loopholes on Life, 09.14.2012

“How to be Happy” Loophole

We all want to be happy… right?!

If that was the case, why do so many people with such propensity to be happy…just…seem…to…eventually…self-destruct?

The trick to being happy is NOT to “obtain” happiness! By doing that, we are really putting our happiness in the “obtainment of whatever it is that was obtained”. The REAL secret to securing happiness is to… Continue reading ““How to be Happy” Loophole”

One-liner Inspires: What State do you Reside in?

“Depression is a state – but so is Happiness… so find the right inspiration & be moved by it.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.13.2012

One-liner Inspires: War Out

“How does a pacifist fight for what they believe in?”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.12.2012

One-liner Inspires: Going out on a Limb

Many would give an Arm & a Leg - just to be Lent a Hand

“Many people in need would give an arm & a leg… just to be lent a hand.”

“9/11, was it a conspiracy?” Trendy Question

11 years ago marks the date of one of the most tragic events to fall upon American soil.

Many hard-fought debates and questions emerged from the wreckage, “Does the action justify declaration for war?”, “Who is truly responsible?”, “Was it an inside job?”.

The questions are to be expected, but the truth is that, in a life of “cause and effect”, the real conspiracy we were slowly trained to accept is:

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One-liner Inspires: Politically Incorrect

“The deceit of politics is that voting left or right has a direct influence on our ups & downs.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.09.2012

Part 1 – “Mind the Programming” Loophole

Life is more similar to a computer program than many of us tend to think. We make the program what it is, and the program makes us what it is.  Surround ourselves with stimulus which pique our interest. We surround ourselves with  people which are “of like mind”.  We mold them, and they mold us.

Continue reading to learn how to manage the inputs & maximize YOUR outputs…

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One-liner Inspires: Learn to Discern

“So much time is spent teaching us what to learn;

…yet so little is spent on how to discern.

~Loopholes on Life, 09.08.2012

Help Wanted! For Giving Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy – but it is MUCH easier when first asked for it. Forgiving someone after being asked for it is important – but it still leaves room for personal validation of our egos to say “see, I was right after all, so now that you acknowledge it, okay – I forgive you.”

Help Wanted! If you were hurt long ago in the past, or in a small way today, close your eyes, take a deep breath, breathe out slowly and forgive the individual by name (and/or by face).  The world is more connected than we think.  There is more power to forgiveness, especially when the individuals ‘know not what they do’.

Few gifts worth giving rival proactive forgiveness — it will make the forgiven, the forgiver, and the world, better.

Help Wanted! A Turn for the Better

Traffic… There are few opportunities to exhibit a SIMPLE SELFLESS ACT more timely than on your morning or evening drive!  Each individual is likely “rushing to get somewhere” – yet – most of us fail to recognize the fact that everyone else is in the same exact boat! 

Help Wanted!  When traffic is backed up – and you see someone trying to take a “left turn” onto a busy street – take a moment to let them in if you can.  We’ve all had someone go out of their way to do it for us – more often, everyone ignores us – which means we likely tend to ignore them when the shoe is on the other foot.

Let someone in – give a stranger ‘the unexpected’ help that we would not expect but at the same time truly appreciate. Let a stranger take a left turn, and help the world take a turn for the better!

One-liner Inspires: Positively Negative

“Hang up positive pictures;

but don’t get hung up on the negatives.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.07.2012

One-liner Inspires: Deeper Meanings

“A great person once asked the question, is the shallow end deep?’, but at the time I was too shallow to understand the depth of it.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.05.2012

One-liner Inspires: wrongs & rights

“2 wrongs do not make a right, but 3 lefts do.”
~Loopholes on Life, 09.04.2012

One-liner Inspires: Between a Rock & a Hard Place

“Many great people find themselves between a rock & a hard place; which is why many great castles can be found there too.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.03.2012

“Increase Memory & Brain Power” Loophole

Do we REALLY Only use 10-20% of our Brain?

While there is A LOT of truth to the fact we under-utilize our brain power – I believe this oft talked about ‘concept’ leads most of us to a misguided and/or short-cited conclusion.

Continue reading to understand the following:
1. “Understand the Ego & put it on Pause”
2. “What do we really know about what we don’t know?”
3. “Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Mental Aptitude”
4. “One Tool to Change Everything”

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“Life on the Line” Loophole

The “What is the Meaning of Life?” Loophole

This loophole is not about answering that question – it is about ‘reminding’ myself an others that there are many tools & vehicles that can help facilitate “understanding”.  One of few tools we use effectively is language — but there is a higher level of learning, and even more effective too, that predated modern language, and that concept is the foundation for what language was built upon.

The usage of “architypes” has been underutilized for several millennium.  We’ve all heard the phrase “A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS”. In fact, written language undermines that very important truth.   It is more than a “picture of people” (smiles, body language, environment, distance, time, location). There are paintings and pieces of art that seemingly ‘never out date themselves’, that inspire, and mean things to us at a level deeper than we instinctively reflect upon.

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One-liner Inspires: Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is technically defined as belief in oneself, but is actually defined by the insecurities of others

~Loopholes on Life, 09.02.2012

“Secret to Success” Loophole

What is the Secret to Success?

Easy one! The secret to success is as simple as…

…understanding that “the secret” is that you SHOULD NOT be seeking this answer through a google search – or through the book – OR through this blog.  The answer you will find in any one of those places is at best, subjective – and at worst, constraining, misinformed and outright manipulative! 

I realize, and embrace, the ‘hypocrisy’ of providing an answer to a question via a vehicle (this blog) that I said should not be the source —- the point is, the best I can do is remind myself, and everyone, that “Success” is a very ambiguous term which is defined by sheer subjectivity.

All I can share is what I consider the “PATH”… which will be as pure/objective as I can keep it!

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One-liner Inspires: Improving your Memory

Memory performance is measured by the ratio of ‘what one has remembered’ over ‘what one has not’….

….therefore, it can be improved in two ways; the lesser known approach being to simply forget what you’ve forgotten.”

~Loopholes on Life

One-liner Inspires: Everything is Connected

“Since the moment of creation, all things have been connected.”

~Loopholes on Life, 08.30.12