#130 “Dreaming in Reality!”

Make your Dreams become a Reality!
Loopholes on Life
Loopholes on Life
#130 "Dreaming in Reality!"

Everyone has a dream… right? Whether you do or do not, there is now an agreed upon path on how to bring your dreams into reality!

Discover the secret in a not-so-tricky acronym…um… D.R.E.A.M.!

(D) Discover and Develop your dreams.
(R) Remember them.
(E) Energize them! Fuel that fire!
(M) Measure your progress as you go and grow!

It’s that simple… isn’t it?!


“Remember when I had the Toronado?”…”Was that a disease you got when visiting Mexico?”

“It’s the smell of hard work and memories. You can distinguish the wins and losses if you really sommelier the scents of my goalie gloves.”

“The people who do not have a dream are the ones we need to hug the most, and who were probably hugged the least. “

You, or someone you know

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