ABOUT (all of) US!

It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s us.  This is OUR BLOG.

HELP ME to HELP YOU so you can HELP me to HELP others to HELP us!!!

Some say one person cannot change the world… I do not believe that. However, in the strange event I am wrong, I’m at least going to have my attempt documented.

I’ve waited too long to waste any more time than I have telling you in the beginning of this run-on sentence that I’ve waited too long.

ANYTHING (and thus everything) IS POSSIBLE…  If you don’t believe that, then you’ve already hindered the possibility of realizing it.

This blog will not be polished, it will not be pretty — but it will be meaningful.

I’ve come a long way.  However, the farther one goes, the farther they see. The farther you see the farther you realize you need to go.

Dozens of people have told me through the last couple years I need to do this, it took a “click” to finally get it going.  My skill is problem solving. ANY problem can be broken down; ALL things breakdown into the same components at some juncture, thus, ANY problem can be solved.   It’s that simple – the only thing that complicates it is, well, us.

MY COMMITMENT: I will be honest, discerning, and strive to answer any question I can.  At some-point I will list my series of accolades which have nothing to do with my ability to help.  I am a good problem solver because I sincerely want to help, and I know how to.

I COMMIT TO YOU, that I will spend THE REST OF MY LIFE reinforcing what I have come to know as “LOOPHOLES ON LIFE”, concepts/sayings/etc. which have helped me understand, overcome, and succeed in improving as a friend, a husband, a father, and a person.

Worst case scenario:  The reinforcement of these ideas will serve as a great way for me to “remember” the lesson’s I’ve learned.  Those that know me know that once I start typing, I eventually stop thinking and “I just go”. Through that process, strange as it might sound, I have learned a lot about stuff I don’t know!!!  Literally, talking/typing/etc. – I literally seem to find answers (or approaches) to questions (or challenges) in subject matters (or situations) I know little to nothing about.  So by simply creating this blog, I am doing my part to improve the world, because the concepts have proven to improve me — and then the improved me will be a more understanding person to readers and non-readers alike.

Best case scenario: We build a community of helpers who help each other change to help each other more. We use modern day technology to evolve the concept of “SELF-HELP” into “US-HELP”, which is inclusive yet greater than the self.  The community helps rebuild ourselves, than we help rebuild the community.  The process becomes exponential – the core values resonate with everyone – and we all wake up one day to a peaceful world.  And while nothing lasts forever in a world bound by time, perhaps we will have done enough to facilitate quicker change for future generations, when it all happens again….   Because no matter how much civilization changes, for the better or for the worse, it will change again (in both directions) with enough ‘time’. Life, and happiness, is not about the destination, it is about the journey getting there – as individuals or as a society.

Started going on a tangent already… I’ll make that section later.  I have a lot to say, and no matter how fast or how long I can type, I will never have enough ‘time’ to say it in the unique language that each individual needs to hear it.

I need your help, we ALL do….

Author: Loopholes on Life

LEARN from the past; LIVE for the moment; LOVE for eternity.

3 thoughts on “ABOUT (all of) US!”

  1. I stumbled across this blog. I have been asking a lot of questions lately and looking for answers in places which they would make sense to be found. However, I have found only lies and deceptions that laid the ground work for building societies of followers and none of free thinkers.

    A great man once said, “There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.” I feel you are liberator of those truths.

    I look forward to reading and sharing thoughts on your blog, and to helping make the world a better and more informed place.


    1. Hi Charles!

      Thanks for the response! I’m really excited to share my experiences, and work to do so in a way that resonates with others.

      In a couple short paragraphs, I can say with 100% sincerity and certainty that our search was/is the same, the journey is the same (though tailored to the individual), and those commencing on that journey can help expedite the process for one-another.

      The small gesture of ‘engaging with a stranger’s blog’ IS exactly the type of thing that changes the world. You motivated me by simply replying and saying you want to help, which makes me want to try harder. And when I say try harder, I do not mean “write more blog posts” (the internet is doomed for that to happen now anyway, once i get going I cant stop 🙂 ). What I mean by try harder is – it reminds me that if i wait around to hold the door open at a random gas station off a highway exit for someone that is far enough away that I could “get away” without holding it easily, that maybe it means something to someone. Or if i let that, or a different, person into my lane on the highway when I am already “running late” maybe it’ll help them avoid blocking someone else in, 10 miles or 10 years, down the road. Or better yet, maybe they ‘pay it forward’ and let others in. What if THAT was the domino effect? The challenge isn’t overcoming “selfishness” as much as it is “overcoming selfishness compounded by the latency of impact our actions & decisions have in a world bound by tine”.

      It sincerely reinforces what I believe about the world: that the world and the people in it are not as bad as we are lead to believe. There is a lot happening in the world today, at many levels, if one pays attention many can ‘feel the change’ — or they can simply look at trends, digression, economies, politics, etc. Yet – we also know how it is too often true that ‘no news is good news’ —- so when we hear “the news”, we hear all the bad and little of the good. Many wise, and even not-so-wise, people are aware and have spoken upon the fact — however, a much smaller subset reflects on the appreciable impact that “exposure” to negativity has on us as individuals, and thus, on a society which is an aggregate of individuals. I can honestly say that each of us are better “people” than we think we are, and once we get that, we will change the way we interact with others — and then there will be a latent impact re: how they interact back with us (or others themselves). As individuals work to be ‘better’, it cascades throughout society – and that statement is not one of optimism, it’s of statistics!! If we change ourselves, then we change the world through osmosis. We might change 1 out of 1 million people at first, it doesn’t matter — the fact we change one, “in a world without time”, cascades on exponentially throughout “eternity”. Out of every 1 person we touch in a million, maybe only every other one of them ‘touches’ others – but occasionally the fire becomes lit under that individual and they touch 10 people out of 20 in such a way that those 10 make it a mission to “actively help the cause”.

      While I have a backlog of a thousand topics, tangents, nuggets and loopholes to ‘throw out there’, I will write today’s blog post in honor of a couple sage points you made.

      THANK YOU, again, for the comment AND the commitment.

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