Loophole on Life: Why do I feel anxious & why do I doubt?

Question: “Why do I feel anxious”? “Where does anxiety stem from”? “Why do I doubt myself?”

Loophole: ask yourself how you would feel “IN A WORLD WITHOUT TIME”.

Why? Anytime you feel anxiety/fear over the death of a loved one.  Anytime you doubt yourself and your own abilities.  Anytime you question anything that conjures up an emotion that simply does not “feel right” — asking yourself how you would feel in a world without time will put into perspective the relevance of time and the IMPORTANCE of the emotions it’s relevance brings into context.   Understanding time, even in a basic level (by getting into practice of asking this question), can help you deal with grief or accomplish amazing feats exponentially quicker than when we are naive to the role it plays in the equation.

One does not need to understand time in terms of relativity or at the quantum level (which are one and the same at some juncture in a world without time, as unification theory strives to prove, but isn’t necessary to prove anyway 🙂 ).  REMOVE TIME from the equation – just because it makes sense.   If one allows time to dictate how they feel – then they are immediate victims of circumstance. Never mourn for the loss of a loved one based on “time” (‘i should feel this way, or shouldn’t feel this way, because it’s been X days/weeks/mths) – never avoid pursuing your dreams because of time (‘if i started it younger… if it wouldn’t take me a million years to figure out, etc”).  Thinking in those terms puts power in a circumstantial characteristic of ‘existence’ – and nothing more.  They are unnecessary constraints.

If you are 50 years old and would like to become an NFL Running Back, then the best thing you can do is operate as if you are 20 years old.  Better yet — “just do it”, don’t think about, just roll.

Improbable? Absolutely, it is not the social norm, it is unexpected, and there is natural wear and tear on our bodies as we age — the running back itself has a shorter shelf life than other positions.

Impossible?  If you are the 50 year old dreaming of being an NFL RB and you are asking that question — you are only wasting more time.   I believe it could be done, and if it was, I believe it would be done by a person who wasn’t asking if it was impossible!

This example was deliberately ‘far-fetched’ (I suppose), however, can anyone REALLY disagree with the fact that “believing anything is possible” only increases the propensity for anything to become possible?

Who is more likely to do the unimaginable – someone who calls it unimaginable, or someone who imagines it? At some point these questions translate to an exercise in statistics verses “mind over matter” in itself.

Put your happiness in your journey, remove time, and see what happens. Believing expedites achieving.

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