One-Liner Inspires: Road to Perfection

“The road to perfection consists of countless imperfections.”

-Loopholes on Life

Author: Loopholes on Life

LEARN from the past; LIVE for the moment; LOVE for eternity.

2 thoughts on “One-Liner Inspires: Road to Perfection”

  1. so true. no one is perfect. trying your best to be the best you can be is better then being perfect, even if there are imperfections along the way.

  2. Good one-liner, I however differ in my visualization of perfection. I see it as we walk around a giant circle humps, and valleys. We have ups and downs, but are always touching the ground. Perfection can be thought to be hovering just over our head at all times intriguing us to continue the pursuit. However, if we knew that it would never be achieved … would that make striving for it pointless? Also, if we knew it could be achieved by any & everyone would THAT make perfection less desirable? If we knew we were all ALREADY perfect, would we then explode from the pure shock value? Or just stand in awe of ourselves? Or would we continue striving for what we’re not seeing we already have? Is someone who’s gained ‘more’ experience than someone else in any aspect of life, does that make them closer to ‘perfection’? Is a baby any less/more perfect than a dying old man/woman? Just some questions to pose… suuuhup namix 🙂

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