“Life on the Line” Loophole

The “What is the Meaning of Life?” Loophole

This loophole is not about answering that question – it is about ‘reminding’ myself an others that there are many tools & vehicles that can help facilitate “understanding”.  One of few tools we use effectively is language — but there is a higher level of learning, and even more effective too, that predated modern language, and that concept is the foundation for what language was built upon.

The usage of “architypes” has been underutilized for several millennium.  We’ve all heard the phrase “A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS”. In fact, written language undermines that very important truth.   It is more than a “picture of people” (smiles, body language, environment, distance, time, location). There are paintings and pieces of art that seemingly ‘never out date themselves’, that inspire, and mean things to us at a level deeper than we instinctively reflect upon.

What’s more sophisticated, hieroglyphs & petroglyphs, or the English language?  

I once answered this question based on “time” rather than objective reflection… Assuming humanity is on a consistent journey of “growth, development & progress”, by default I would have said, clearly the English language is more sophisticated.   May I am more naive than most, some people intuitively understand how “wrong” my answer was.  However, I’d attribute the “wrongness”, not to my conclusion, but to the process for which I arrived at it.

The answer is simple, because the language was simple, and it is timeless.  If it is fair to say the “more sophisticated language is the one which could be more readily interpretted, and applied, throughout space and time” — you tell me which one fulfills that description better:

(a) modern language

    • A series of culture-specific letters, alphabets, and subjective grammatical & literary principles to string everything together
    • Learned & understood by rules, which were written in the very same language being taught (or written in another modern language which shares the same traits)
    • Documented on paper and/or on technological-specific storage devices


(b) ancient language

    • A series of visualizations designed to serve the same purpose – yet are represented via images & symbols based on their/our daily lives & experiences
    • Learned & understood by simply existing
    • Documented on cave walls, literally “SET IN STONE”.

Does that “paint the picture” effectively?

Visual Representation of Existence – “Life on the Line”

This is one of my ‘attempts’ to represent life, existence, eternity, growth, time & space in a simple ‘one-line’ visual.

-+-+-     -+-   -+  – – = – –  +-   -+-     -+-+-

What does that “visual” mean to you?  Before reading on, reflect for a moment, on how that could possibly represent “all things” (consider being so bold as to jot a few notes down – or even share in a comment for the broader community 🙂 ).  It is okay if the only word that you write down is “Crazy”.

If that sounds crazy, then I’m on the right track, because summarizing (or even just attempting to summarize) “all things” before, into, and beyond infinity BETTER be what we deem ‘crazy’ — because ‘normal’ would not be sufficient.  If it was normal – then the “life answers” would be more readily available & known, the “life questions” would be far less prevalent, and I would not have made this post because I would not have made this blog because it’s designed to help all of us REMEMBER (not answer, but the that’s a topic for another time).

Understanding “Life on the Line”

I will undoubtedly expand on this concept — because it’s a clever tool for us to use to help us “remember” more information than we believe we’re capable of obtaining or retaining.  HOWEVER, the beauty of ‘this kind of language’ is that it SPEAKS TO THE INDIVIDUAL.  If I were to over-define “what this line means”, then I am undermining my intent and constraining the impact of ‘that language’.

I am nonetheless happy to share a few keywords & concepts to consider, to help those who might not be ready to interpret such a general & abstract concept.

Think of these concepts, and revisit the life on the line, to see how it may or may not be captured/represented and how it may or may not change what it initially meant to you.

  • a point of singularity & beginning
  • neutrality & balance
  • pattern of exponential growth
  • polarity & magnetism
  • alpha/omega & gender
  • true/false, yes/no, 01 10, boolean code

– = –

– – = – –

-+  – – = – –  +-

-+-   -+  – – = – –  +-   -+-

-+-+-     -+-   -+  – – = – –  +-   -+-     -+-+-

The answer IS crazy, friends.  Lose it to find it. 🙂

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