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Part 1 – “Mind the Programming” Loophole

Life is more similar to a computer program than many of us tend to think. We make the program what it is, and the program makes us what it is.  Surround ourselves with stimulus which pique our interest. We surround ourselves with  people which are “of like mind”.  We mold them, and they mold us.

Continue reading to learn how to manage the inputs & maximize YOUR outputs…

This topic, “Mind the Programming” will be a multi-faceted series. But let’s start from the beginning.

The “CODE” of Ethics…

I will expound on the similarities in another post – but here are a few concepts to consider:

What are the Inputs??

“You are what you eat”, “Perception is reality”, “It is what it is”… There are so many axioms which point to how we are ‘built’ and sage wisdom throughout the ages which speaks to ‘how to break the chain’ (love your neighbor… if we all did it, or even if ‘a critical mass’ did it, the world would change instantly. INSTANTLY.)

We are who we are based on the:

  1. experiences of our PAST
  2. situations of the PRESENT
  3. goals for the FUTURE

Each of those components feed into one another.  The PAST is just as “real” and “influential” AND, believe it or not, CHANGEABLE as the present and future is.  Our perception, however, being trapped in linear time is the primary reason we fall into “I am a victim” mode.  “This is just who I am”, “I was born this way”, etc.  The second we stop thinking that way, is the second we truly LEARN from the past rather than being chained to it. The second we break the chain is the second we have more control over our present-day situations, and increase our ability to change.  The second the confidence in our abilities to control our destiny in the present COMES BACK, is the second we have HOPE for the future.

By learning from the past – and understanding “our programming”, we can change it.  Start by understanding WHO YOU ARE in terms of WHAT YOU SURROUND YOURSELF BY.  Then think about what about it makes you happy, sad, good, bad or otherwise.

NO ONE IS A VICTIM UNLESS THEY CHOSE TO BE.  The beauty of life is, you do have a choice – but you have the power to change it.

Become the person you want to be by surrounding yourself with those types of people – and those external stimuli.  You will change yourself exponentially faster, and you will change others as well – they will reinforce the PERSON YOU ARE BECOMING rather than  help chain you to the PERSON YOU WERE.

To be continued, because it always is….

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