“9/11, was it a conspiracy?” Trendy Question

11 years ago marks the date of one of the most tragic events to fall upon American soil.

Many hard-fought debates and questions emerged from the wreckage, “Does the action justify declaration for war?”, “Who is truly responsible?”, “Was it an inside job?”.

The questions are to be expected, but the truth is that, in a life of “cause and effect”, the real conspiracy we were slowly trained to accept is:

We’ve been trained to use the EFFECT to focus on debating the CAUSE!

Power-hungry Leaders Manipulate Emotion:

“Leaders” of any society utilize the most powerful thing they can to ‘manage the masses’, and the tool they use is “emotion”.  I know that I, for one, was much closer to registering than my family would like to know when it first happened.

The real truth of the matter is – independent of who CAUSED the event – events that conjure up THAT MUCH emotion are too valuable to not be utilized by world leaders.  Whether the ‘terrorism’ was exactly as described to us; or whether it was an inside job — what does it really change, and how will it change you?

why do we care about who conspired more than what transpired?

I struggled with the ‘pendulum swing’ of those questions — I NEEDED TO KNOW — but why did I need to know?  I don’t even know what I would have done with that information.  In the end, the emotion that was conjured up as individuals and as a collective society helped facilitate many bold military/political moves, and also further a divide between cultures and faiths globally.  Furthered the confusion, the stereotypes, and the HATE.

If you believe certain individuals like ‘power’, and you believe in the power of strong emotions – then it is important to reflect on the fact that ANY emotion is energy that can be manipulated in the direction a power-hungry leader chooses to direct it.  LOVE is the strongest – but HATE is not far off – as LOVE and HATE are defined by each-other in a world of relativity and polarity.

You can see this same behavior in relationships which move from one point to the other — never just ‘complacent’/at peace…  Either at their prime of ‘in love’ or on the verge of self-destruction ‘in hate’.  It is the emotion which keeps them together – the power of that positive or negative energy, since both are defined by each other at some juncture.

Manipulation of emotion…. it is not a new concept!

It’s a horrible, and thus perfect, analogy, but consider the Nazi party in Germany.  They had a MUCH different perception in terms of what was ‘right or wrong’ – they were literally brainwashed to believe what the leaders needed them to believe – that they were apart of a movement that was bigger than themselves.  That the rest of the world would not understand, because they are different… Etc… Etc…

It is disgusting, but it is true.  Frankly, the most important thing we can do as individuals is to LEARN FROM THE PAST, and avoid assuming we are beyond any of that same manipulation.  History reveals a lot of truths in retrospect — but even that retrospect is biased.

As is a well known truism (often attributed to Winston Churchill, but sounds more like ancient Greece to me):

“History is written by the victors”

So, what can we really learn from the events of 9/11?

Understand how emotion is used as a tool by any “successful” manipulator of the masses.  It NEEDS to be…. For better and (often times) for worse.  Until we, as individuals, put more value in allowing “love for each other” to be our guiding light, then we will fill that “leadership  void” with leaders who manipulate our emotions to facilitate the change they’d like to see.

So in terms of CAUSE AND EFFECT?  The best thing I believe we can do is to focus less on who CAUSED it, evil is evil – and more on the AFFECTED.  Many loved ones were lost in America that day, and that is tragic independent of what “mask” evil decided to hide behind 11 years ago on this date.

God bless all the families who suffered due to the evil events more than a decade ago.

Author: Loopholes on Life

LEARN from the past; LIVE for the moment; LOVE for eternity.

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