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The Journey to Awakening Truth & Happiness – “Getting up Now”

Life is not a race, it is a journey that we travel at our own pace.

This post is about overcoming the ‘battle within’, the lyrics in this song were originally dedicated to a couple individuals that I thought needed it the most at the time — but by no coincidence, it ended up summarizing the story of all those ‘trying to find their way’, and I learned a lot about myself in the process…In fact, the last line of the second verse ultimately inspired the motto for this blog. 🙂

As we each travel down separate lanes on the same highway of life, “Getting up Now” is about our individual roads to redemption, a verse for each phase:


We tumble and fall… but we’re getting up now!
We stumble and stall… but we’re getting up now!
We set ourselves up, just to let ourselves down;
But we’re NOT letting up; we’re getting up right now!

We fumble the ball…. but we’re getting up now!
And we’ll jump over walls! Getting up right now!
We’re suckin’ it up, and we’re bound to rebound;
Going uppity-up, cuz we’re not down to be down!

Verse 1:

Yea, self-destructiveness… pretty much the sum of it;
He’d climb the highest mountain just to be jumpin off the summits cliff.
It’s the tale of a kid, (but we all relate, like a brother did);
Who always had the courage, but not the patience to summon it!

Once stood tall, but he’s buckle’in; driving a car, not buckled-in;
No badder call, he had it all, and almost had enough of it.
From optimist to option-less; he’d kick his own bucket list;
& all the world’s suckiness stuck out like some stucco bricks!

Life’s a bitch, and she isn’t one to snuggle-up-against!
When it comes to fake friends, she’s sure no snuffleupagus!
his life is conjunction-less, anyone know what the function is?
Destiny is gone with the wind, because we’re only dust in it;

Full of nothingness, a substance with no sustenance…
Feeling more hopeless than a cordless bungee jumper is!
His ship came in rudderless; reality hits so thunderous
But he’ll no longer suffer this, & he’ll back his words like suffixes!!


Verse 2:

He could hear the curtain creak, & the fattest person sing,
& whatever else reflects the fact his matters worsening;
Then lickity-split, his jiminy crick finally took it personally
& they been conversing ever since he first heard him speak!

He said:
“I’ve heard and hurt enough! EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!
I’ve already earned my keep, so I’m gonna vent like furnace leaks!
You’re taking heat undeservedly, giving yourself the third degree!
The HATE you muster up competes with 1930s Germany!

You probably want to turn & leave, but I’m gonna be turning leaves!
Wearing MY heart up on your sleeve…
….better buy your shirts in burgundy!
The verdict’s up! Kid, GET UP! We’re going up, vertically!
Bad, Better, Best…. Why don’t we work to be, version three?

I hope you find, the root behind, your lurking sense of urgency;
cuz it’ll seem, just like a blink, between the grave & nursery!
So believe beyond the burden of the world, then be worry-free;
LEARN from the PAST, LIVE for the MOMENT,
& LOVE for an ETERNITY!!”


Verse 3:

Stay down, or stay level? Gave the latter a try….
Wanna get to THIS level? Give a ladder a try….
Get a THOUSAND miles high… & after that, FLY…
Then hit a glass ceiling, and SHATTER THE SKY!

We can’t travel through time! We have to wait patiently:
Happiness happens to have a GREAT degree of latency!
Hang my head so shamefully; thankfully we made our peace,
It’s a new chapter, and I’ll make my Bio an amazing read!

had alotta close shaves, against the grain, no shaving cream.
takes a couple uphill battles in order for ya to chase a dream
people say c’set la vie; but a hard falls mean greater springs
And the bad times never span longer-than an angle’s wing!

an ancient theme, but basically, life’s all about growing;
In a world without time, we’ve already GOT WHERE WE’RE GOING!
So QUIT asking questions… find SOME answers listening…
But be content with being stumped, kind of like the GIVING TREE!

Be content with being stumped.
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