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happiness: contents of being content
Table of Contents: Happy, Content

The Pursuit of Happiness is both the answer and the challenge to those of us seeking it.

Pursuit implies an end.  Yet, our “pursuit” does not end in this chapter of our journey until we close both the book and our eyes for the last time. However, there is a VERY simple solution to this VERY real dilemma, friends.

No grass is as green as the envy on the individual looking over the fence.

Understand the contents of being content.

If you focus on your lack – you will find it.  So focus on what you have.

If you focus on your wants – you will find it.  So focus on being content.

To those that describe Happiness as “an emotional state of well-being”, I argue correlation versus causation.  Frankly, in a world of cause and effect, correlation means nothing without causation.


Everyone has a past – everyone has a future – and everyone has THIS moment to decide what they’re going to take and leave from the past in order to SHAPE THEIR FUTURE.

A Whole Lotto Luck?

No one is lucky. Even luck is “relative” and defined by the beholder. Is someone who is the beneficiary of a winning ‘scratch and win’ lotto ticket lucky? Is that someone not evaluating the $1,000,000 pick 3 winner more lucky?  Is that someone not arriving at the conclusion that the $59,000,000 pick 6 winner is more lucky?

Better question: Did the “scratch and win” winner even PLAY the pick 3; and did the pick 3 winner even PLAY the pick 6?

While a good example to reinforce the relativity of “luck”, which is all too often attributed to “happiness”, it is a poor example to further expound on how to be happy.  Unfortunately we align much ‘potential happiness’ to money – which is a a topic I’ll “happily” cover another time.

There is no luck, friends.  Luck is a word we use to attribute perceived ‘successes’, ‘triumphs’, and, of course, ‘happiness’ of others.  Luck is a politically correct mask we wear to cover the jealousy on our faces.

Lucky is merely an adjective which represents our tendency for measuring the gap between our current state of happiness versus our perceived state of others.  Just by “assuming” in that way, we are already undermining our unlimited potential to be happy.

So turn inward – and what do we find?

The Contents of Being Content

I attribute nearly all of my happiness to being content.  I was blessed, but not lucky, to be born in a good family — but others are immeasurably blessed for having had the opportunity to overcome the adversity faced in their childhoods.  But even then, we were all called ugly, fat, and/or stupid at one point in our lives — the SECRET is the moment we decide whether that spoke more about the individual than it did about ourselves.   The SECRET in that moment is deciding whether those words define you, or confine them…

I have a table to sit at, food to put on it, a family to share it with, and a friend to share the joyful experience with.

What more could I, what more could we, really ask for?

Friend, you have One in me

….And if you think you do not have a friend to share the experience with, you do now. Email loopholesonlife@gmail.com and/or hit up the facebook page — and I swear on my life I will spend the rest of mine proving it to you.

You are not, and never have been alone — and once you see and feel it for yourself, it is hard not to be content with your happiness.

I hope you are all as content (and thus happy) as I am with the subject matter in  this post. 🙂

Be happy, friends.

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