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3-step Loophole to Doing Great & Being Greater

3-Step Loophole to Doing Great & Being Greater!

Who are you? What do you want out of life?  Why….and what’s stopping you?

From the day we are born, we open our eyes to a world which tells us what to see.  What we see, overtime, tells us who we are.  Understanding how the ‘system’ works is the first step to rising above it, changing, and accomplishing anything.

The world has a preconceived notion of what is “normal”, what is “remarkable”, what one is capable of and what one is not.  However, YOUR possibilities are only as limited as the world’s ability is to convince you of their limits — because eventually, we start convincing ourselves of the same.

In this loophole, we’ll discuss 3 simple tools to doing great and being greater, starting, right, now!

Step 1 – The Past: Understand why you’ve become the person you are

The world reinforces who you are as a member of our species, as a member of a society, and as a member of a family.  They define the scope of what you become, and then we chose where to end up on that ‘bell curve of life’ which they’ve defined., and we’ve accepted.

As we move ourselves along that ‘bell curve’, we “individuate”.  We see how we differ from others based on our strengths and weaknesses, and overtime, the world acknowledges it.  As the world acknowledges where we are on that ‘bell curve’, it reinforces who we are to ourselves.  The cycle continues — until one day, we also buy into the adage of “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Tool #1 – As always, learn from the past.

Understand why we are the way we are – and be ready to BREAK THE CHAIN!  Think about your life experiences, your social environments, what you learned and what you didn’t — and understand everything that you are is JUST AS MOLDABLE and CHANGEABLE today as it ever was….

Tip #1: Describe who you were – and how you got there!

if so inclined, write down a description of yourself in a few adjectives on a piece of paper.  Then draw branches out to show why you are that way – friends, socio-economical classes, education, exposure to various arts/music/television/etc.  Keep doing this until you fully buy into the fact that you are not the way you are by sheer ‘happen-stance’ — you need to overcome ‘it is what it is’/victim mode in order to change as quickly as you can.


Step 2 – The Moment: Recognize your habits, RIGHT NOW!

We’ve become who we are, it is reinforced to ourselves by others, then it is reinforced to others by ourselves.

In the “moment”, right now – know that change is as simple as a decision to change. Moreover, It is a simple decision!  Unfortunately, we convince ourselves it is much more than that, and by doing so, bind ourselves to the same “prototypical person” we collaborated with the rest of the world and our environment to define what we’d become, then we become what we defined.

Having reflected on Tool #1, and acknowledging how the world has made us who we are – and how we reinforce it in a perpetual cycle — Tool #2 will help us BREAK THE CYCLE.

Tool #2 – watch yourself in the moment carefully, & change yourself in real-time.

That moment will quickly become the past, and that is okay – but the more we do to change ourselves “now” rather than in retrospect, the easier it will be to mold ourselves into the person we want to become in the future. (it works both ways, the more we understand the past, the easier it is to take advantage of THIS moment as well).

Tip #2: Understand the Emotions which define, and confine, you!

In order to effectively monitor yourself in the ‘moment of now’, build off of the Tip #1 exercise to incorporate “emotion” into the picture.  Our emotions tend to be one of the strongest chains which bind us to our ‘past selves’ and inhibit our potential.  Many of us over-react in anger, and become blinded to how we are acting in the moment.  Many of us ‘internalize’ in fear, and shield ourselves from ourselves without even knowing what we’re truly running/hiding from.

Understand your emotion, and reflect on it – then when you “feel” it, use it as a trigger to “remember” that you desire change.

Our most prominent weaknesses can become our most powerful allies once we’ve redirected their role in our lives!

Step 3 – Eternity: Remind yourself what you are in a world without time.

You can accomplish anything in a world without time.  Start there, and in a world without time, end there too. 🙂

What does this mean? It means that there is absolutely no reason to build barriers around time.  Just because you did not do something a certain way at a certain age – it means nothing.  Just operate as if time is not a factor (because it isn’t), and the more you operate like that, the less control time will have over your life.

Tool #3: create a clear vision of yourself in terms of the change you want to see.

To expedite change, be careful not to over-define it, to the degree you may miss out on something that accomplishes the same goal without even realizing it. We still operate in a world that is an aggregation of individuals who bought what the world before them was selling — the best you can do, for now, is change yourself… But once you do, the world will follow.

Tip #3: Layer on top of the original exercises what the “new you” is like!

..The descriptions, the feelings/emotions, etc… Reflect on the “gap analysis” between who you were, who you are, and who you will be — THEN remind yourself that the gaps do not exist in a world without time (afterall, gaps LITERALLY do not exist without space).  You just ARE.  Work your way backwards and forwards to refine that person you ARE – see yourself NOW as that person you want to be, and BE that person.

Changing ourselves is what changes the world.

If you dream of a utopian society where everyone is peaceful, caring, and sharing – or any other example of the infinitite romantic ideals many of us conceptualize but few believe will ever happen – I ask one thing of you.


The world will not be ideal until the ‘pieces of the whole’ strive to be ideal themselves.   If you dream of waking up to a world that is going to help YOU before you dreamed of helping IT – then even if/when that world comes, you will consciously or subconsciously chose to ignore it.

Be peaceful yourself, share – and don’t expect anything in return.  You WILL get good in return, I am absolutely certain – but you need to NOT expect it in order to receive it.  Tricky proposition, I know…

Unfortunately the world as a whole is “not there yet”, friends… It would clearly be easier to be a good person if everyone else was a good person back (or forward).  If you want to live in THAT world – then start doing it in the microcosm of YOU.  Do more to change the world than it does to confine you.

If we all worked to give more to this world than it gives to us — eventually, we will teach the younger generations to do the same, through our actions.  Eventually those actions will not be “good”, because good is a relative term — it will be the “norm” — but relative to where we are today, that “norm” would be more good than our current norm! 🙂

Changing the world takes changing ourselves first. I do not recall who said it, but someone once stated (please comment the source if anyone recalls!).

“Become the change you want to see.”

Words to live by – and a world worth living in!

Let’s help the next generation “open their eyes” to a world of limitless possibilities and unlimited potential.

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