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Imagination Island: find out how society got where it’s going!

finding our way, all over again.

The reset button has been hit on humanity.  The billions who tried to keep up with the Jones’ have vanished. Only Mr. & Mrs. Jones remain.

The survival of our species now relies on Mr. Adam & Mrs. Eve Jones.  Their journey will provide clues as to why the world is the way it is and why history has a strong tendency to repeat.

Welcome to Imagination Island, where humanity is about to start over from scratch!


Mr. Adam and Mrs. Eve Jones have been abandoned.  They’ve left the world they once knew together, but have arrived alone.

This is the story of their first months on Imagination Island.

Chapter 1: Stranded on Imagination Island!

The society which the Jones’ had long been a part of is gone.  They are stranded on Imagination Island with nothing more than a few materials they kept on their persons, their experiences and their instincts.

Being alive is about surviving, feeling alive is about growing.

Being alive is about surviving, feeling alive is about growing.  As time progresses, Mr. & Mrs. Jones will seek to “survive” and subsequently “grow” in three overarching areas: their bodies, their minds, and their spirit.

For now, there is no time for them to ponder this roadmap. They do, however, already embody all of its principles and priorities.

First stop on their journey, keeping their tact and their bodies intact!

Chapter 2: A Sleepless Slumber & Unquenchable Thirst

For an infinitely brief period of time, the Jones’ mourn the loss of “what they once knew”.  While their grieving will come in waves for years to come, their most basic instincts help shift their immediate attention to survival mode.

The First Days: Survival mode

It’s no secret.  Long supported by psychologists and uncontended by our individual “instincts” lays the hierarchy of human needs. Maslow’s model (student of Freud) is something many learned about in school – and while some of the later phases may be contended, there is little room to argue that before any ‘greater wants’ are sought, the ‘physiological needs’ must be met.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones are thirsty and tired.  Quite a physically and emotionally exhausting event they’ve just endured. They seek water, and shelter.

Having done their best to subdue their exhaustion after a restless sleep and their thirst after a quenchless drink, they survive.

They survive each day waiting and waking to survive the next.

The First Weeks: Keeping It Simple

Mr. & Mrs. Jones have made camp near the first water hole they had come across.  They have erected a modest “roof” over their heads, but know more will be needed in time to ensure they are “safe and secure” (phase 2 of Maslow’s model).

In the meantime, they have all the drink they can drink, and are beginning to sleep a bit more peacefully (due to sheer exhaustion more than literal peace of mind).

Their appetite had been lost with the world they had come to know, but they have begun to operate as “gatherers” to hold them over.

They keep it simple, because they want to. They want to, because they need to.

Chapter 3: A Hunger for Advancement

The First Months: Making the Simple more Simple

As weeks cascade into months, Mrs. Eve has been striving to create a backlog of berries and nuts she has been gathering.  Her efforts are, well, fruitless.

Mrs. Jones is expending nearly the same amount of energy gathering the fruits and nuts which she is relying on for that energy.  In order to make any further progress and advance their security on Imagination Island, they are going to need more.

They need more food. They need more sustenance. They need more in terms of both quantity and quality.

Teach a Man to Fish…

Mr. Jones has been gazing off the shores of Imagination Island since their arrival.  He has been dreaming.  He’s been dreaming, of the world which once was, arriving on the horizon, freeing them from their tribulations and rescuing them from their loneliness.

To relieve himself from the torment of this apparently unanswerable prayer, he shifts his focus over that same coast, determined to put his imagination to more practical use.

Mr. Jones begins to fish.  At first he spends even more energy than in his gathering days, but as he leverages his cognitive problem solving abilities and ‘experience’, he becomes more successful.  He goes from hopelessly ‘spearfishing’ to utilizing the rising and falling tide to capture smaller fish – along with a net he has woven together from seaweed and roughage to secure his catch.

The seafood provides them the incremental energy needed to begin creating a small backlog of food which Mrs. Jones has accrued.  Their peace of mind has increased ever-so slightly as they move from surviving hour by hour to surviving day-by-day.

At this point the Jones’ are eating their fish sushi-style.  They have not been able to “rekindle the flame” of the fire-building arts yet – oooh, how easy it was to take that beautiful tool of light and warmth for granted!

Relative to their initial days and weeks of survival, however, Mr. & Mrs. Jones feel BLESSED, ever so slightly, for the first time in what feels like an infinitely LONG TIME.

With 1 days-worth of food stored, the REAL rebuilding process is about to begin!

The Next Chapter….The End of the Beginning

It has taken more than a month for Mr. & Mrs. Jones to simply “get their bearings” about them.

They have JUST created a simple, one-day, backlog of food… Little do they know, that backlog and the peace of mind which comes with it, is about to change EVERYTHING for them!

Though their days are still focused on bodily survival, they are not constantly chasing their next meal the way they had been in the first weeks. By doing so, they have finally created time to think!

They created time to think; which will create more creation.

While that “time to think” may be very minimal for the ‘time’ being, it is ALL THEY NEED to serve as the impetus for their incredible and exponential social advancement to come.

Stay tuned on the story of Mr. Adam & Mrs. Eve Jones — after all, it is the story of us! For, from these humble beginnings, we will soon see how the Jones’ have set the stage for the rise of the world we know today……. all over again!

Many of the inventions we know today, reinvented.

Many of the social systems we know today, redeveloped.

Many of the policies and laws we know today, reinforced.

In fact, before too long, Imagination Island will see its first form of currency exchanged.

History repeats because it is comprised of a world comprised of individuals who have a tendency to repeat. To break the cycle, we must fix ourselves.

…otherwise, we will be destined to see it happen ALL over again, here on Imagination Island!

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