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IMPRISONED BY TIME: Part 2 – Discover the Boundaries

Discover the bars you've been kept behind in the prison of time.

As the bell tower chimes for the last “time” — let freedom ring!

Your escape from an enslavement many still refuse to believe exists begins now.

This journey will take no time at all; in fact, it will leave all time behind.

Welcome to the rebellion.

Project Debriefing: “Consider it D.O.N.E.”

The “Consider it D.O.N.E.” Project is a four phase initiative which will enable you to Discover, Open, Navigate and Escape the prison of time. Having been debriefed in Part 1, “Are you imprisoned by Time?”, you are ready to take your first step toward freedom.

First we will DISCOVER the boundaries…. then we will SHATTER them!

Phase I: Discover the Boundaries

The journey of one-thousand miles begins with a single step.

On the heels of this first step you will have all the momentum needed to carry you through the many obstacles you will encounter.

Your captivity has had an immense effect on you.  Yet, discovering its effect is EXACTLY what you need to form your cause.

Be assured, most fail to complete this journey – but rest assured, most fail to complete because they fail to begin. So you, my friend, can already consider it done.

Stage 1: Perception Penitentiary

We were born into its captivity, raised under its enforcement, and trained to reinforce it ourselves. We were “brought up in the system”, a self-sustaining system which relies on us bringing others up in it as well. The walls surround us, remaining hidden in plain sight. Few are willing to recognize walls they helped build.

Welcome to Perception Penitentiary — where perception is THE reality.  Where perception is made by time and space. Where reality is constrained to space and time.

How many things in your life would have been different if you “knew then” what you “know now”?  The TRUTH is hidden in, not the single points of your life where this holds true, but in the TREND of those single points.  Apply what you’ve learned of the past to the future by recognizing how your perception masks the reality behind the reality you choose to see.

We see the world differently in the present than we did in the past – yet often limit the possibilities of the future based on the perception we have TODAY, without taking into account a change.

Perception is reality. Perception’s shaped by time & space.  Thus, time & space create reality.

Going forward, anticipate a MASSIVE change in your worldview.  Do not over-define what that change will or ought to be, but be ready and willing to accept the change.  Intelligence can be measured at a moment in time, but true wisdom is eternally immeasurable.

The escape from Perception Penitentiary relies on you setting aside your preconceptions. Keep an open mind and a steadfast heart. Allow your intuition to supersede your perception, which only looks to deceive.

Stage 2: Pillars of Polarity

There is no escape from Perception Penitentiary without first conceptualizing its structure.

Two poles began it all.

Two poles serve as the primary support structure of our perception. From the moment of its creation, the structure erected from a beam of light at one end, which co-created darkness at the other.  One would not exist without its opposite – and without both, the system in between would collapse.

Do not allow these poles to leave your focus as you make your escape, or you will find yourself lost in the details! By keeping the poles in mind, however, you will be able to work your way toward the end of the prison.

BEWARE, the room within these two poles is designed for the sole purpose of showing you many beginnings and ends between the beginning and end. It is there only to confuse you; confine, & lose you.

Stage 3: Room of Relativity

What will soon become black and white begins in the shades of gray.

The room of relativity exists to keep you from pursuing the ends. It is a labyrinth of gradients which divides the “whole” into fractions of fractions; creating mazes in mazes of distractions.

To navigate the room, remember that relativity is born between those two poles. It is ALL you need to escape – yet it is ALL too easy to forget.

The essence of time, and thus our perception of reality, is based on the relativity between these two poles.  From true and false, positive & negative, yin and yang, 1 and 0 – the structure is subdivided.

Within the subdivision, creation creates more creation. Your perception will strive to accept one of the many subdivisions as the one and final “truth”. Yet – you are already aware that your perception mustn’t be trusted.  Your intuition existed long before your perception was ever skewed.

Simply allow the path to come to you; the poles will pull you to freedom.

Progress Check: “Running out of Time”

You are running out of time – but do not be alarmed. One feels themselves running out of time just before running out ON it! Your reading this IS your readiness.

Focus on remembering these 3 stages of the discovery process – they are the very key to your escape.

Their truths echo through ALL things. They can be seen in random events and in patterns – and in the pattern of random events.

They can be seen in nature collectively, and in you individually. The truths are woven into and from every thread which makes up the fabric of YOUR reality.

So contemplate, and prepare.  In the next stage, you will Open the doors to freedom and  Open your mind to infinite possibilities.  And it begins as you Open your eyes, for the very first time, awakening in Stage 4, the Sleeping Chambers.

Sleep well friend, the real journey is about to begin.

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