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A Record Breaking New Year!

The record may be corky, but the champaign bottle aint! Congratulations on your continued success in 2013!

You’ve said it. I’ve said it. We’ve ALL heard it.

BUT do you recognize what you’ve been a part of? Do you realize that, on this first day of 2013, records are already being shattered?!

You may have underestimated them; after all, they were just words….

They are just words in a seasonal phrase which reemerges during the holidays; a cyclical expression which, after a brief visit, retreats to the back of our minds where it hibernates for the remaining 95% of the year.

It is an annual greeting, exchanged between loved ones and strangers alike.  It is a phrase that is timeless in nature yet reminds us of the nature of time.

Today, we honor the idea of New Beginnings with an Old Expression.


A Record-Setting New Years!

Welcome to 2013, where all around the world, records are being broken today!

As one of the MANY record-breakers myself, I’d like to THANK THE WORLD — friends, family, and strangers – for their contribution to my streak of 30 Happy New Years in a row!

This is a personal best, and your words made it all possible!

You said “Happy New Year”, and whether you were being sincere or cordial, you made me reflect happily on the past year while increasing, even if slightly, the likelihood of a happy year to come.

You said “Happy New Year”, and whether you were wishing me a happy new year or ordering me to have one makes little difference.  I followed your orders and your wish came true.

So THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to everybody else around the world who has successfully recognized the continuation of their own record-breaking streaks.

Happy New Year friends!! May it be your happiest life-to-date, and may it only be out-rivaled by each and every subsequent New Year to come!

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