Universe You: Give yourself Space!

Musical notes floating through the space of the universe

5 Things You can Improve by Giving Yourself Some Space!

Matter dpes not space but space always matters.

Do you focus on what matters? Maybe what ‘really matters’ is the space BETWEEN the matter.

Want to become a better artist, musician, cook, speaker – or even a better person? Give yourself some space!

The Space between the Universe and You!

Everything between the Universe and You consists of 99% SPACE — yet as individuals and as a scientific community, we’ve too often focused on everything OTHER than space…. Why?

As science breaks particles down further and further, looking for a final subatomic particle from which all ‘matter’ arises — the only thing we’ve discovered is the rediscovery of a common theme.

We seek a single point of truth, but that single point is in the trend.  We accelerate particles faster and faster, they collide harder and harder, and we rediscover the same thing over and over. SPACE!

Everything is connected, and all creations are made in the same image of their creator.  The music you compose, the food you cook – it’s all a reflection of you, and YOU, my friend, are 99% space!

Whether you are an expert in any one of these areas – or a complete novice; you can improve in ANYTHING with just a little bit of space!

1. Improving as a Musician:

Have a hard time conceiving how space and time are intimately intertwined?  Music to my ears!

The “space” between notes/chords – the rhythm established — this is TIMING.  This IS where space and time converge.  We HEAR the geometry in the shapes of the music – and the music itself would not be music if there were no space in between chords being struck.

Think about your timing – not just the 4 count – but the timing at every stage within the macro and microcosm of your musical creation.  What are you building up – how are you getting there — how does the pace change?  Create a journey for your listener by giving yourself space.

2. Improving as an Artist or Photographer:

A picture with no space is nothing. NOTHING “MATTERS” WITHOUT SPACE!

Anyone schooled in Art is likely familiar with the concept of “thirds”.  A very symbolic ratio across many philosophies, sciences, arts, and religions – but that’s for another time (and/or space)!

The thirds in art is a practice where students are instructed to design their ‘landscapes’ in thirds (2/3rds sky – 1/3rd ocean; or 1/3 land, 2/3rds ocean; etc.).

The SPACE can be represented in color (as gradients), it does not have to be black or white — but it is the difference between those colors which give the individual landscapes meaning, and with individual meaning, those landscapes combine for a work of art.

3. Improving as a Cook:

Music to our ears, or stomachs… It’s all the same!  SPACE is TIME and TIME is SPACE.  Cooking is, as with the universe, largely about SPACE.

We utilize space & time in the order of events, the ratios of ingredients, and the time to allow an idea (and your food) to ‘fully bake’.

4. Improving as a Public Speaker:

Brilliant words can get lost in a string of other equally brilliant words.  No matter how powerful a point is, it is the SPACE that gives it meaning.

Just like a string of notes blending together too quickly inhibits a ‘rhythm’ to be established – so too must a public speaker bring their words to life by allowing space between their points.  Timing is everything.  Timing of the perfect “pause”, the build-up, the summary – the well-timed joke….

Space is needed to create the rhythm of life – thus, space is needed to create, period.

5. Improving as a Person:

As many of us march forward with aggressive plans to execute New Year resolutions – some of us are likely to fall victim to the “all or nothing” mode which leads to subsequent burn out….


Be patient with yourself — if you fall, get up — remember who you are becoming based on the goal you have set, and keep working that direction.  Change is a journey, not an end state.

As you give yourself space, it will always be easier to do the same for others.  Be patient with the world around you – give friends, family, and complete strangers the space they need to grow as well.

Life is about balance, and rhythm – both require space.

So as we move into 2013, let’s give ourselves, and each other, a little bit more of it!

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