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4 Tips on Maintaining the Creative Genius in You – it doesn’t take Einstein!

Albert Einstein was a Creative Genius, here's how you can be an innovator too!

“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” ~Albert Einstein

Genius is a title which is typically received long after the creative moment occurred. Here are 4 tips to maintain the creative genius which you WERE BORN WITH!

Tip 1 – FEEL MORE: Intuition Starts with your Gut!

Go with your gut and don’t worry if others can stomach it!

One of the most powerful, and overlooked, facets of creativity begin with the gut. It is how your intuition speaks to you – so listen to the feeling!

The true creative genius focuses far more on what they feel within than what they hear from the rest of the world.

Tip 2 – HEAR LESS: Conformity Stifles Creation!

You are aiming to CREATE – not to CONFORM!

Focus less on keeping up with the Jones’s, eventually they’ll be trying to keep up with you!

Want to be an innovator? Then be weary of what you hear from others!    By being too focused on what others are thinking, or saying – we build walls around our creative potential.  We have a choice to “keep up with the Jones’s”, but in doing so, it inhibits our ability to “advance the Jones’s”.

Focus less on “keeping up with the Jones’s”, and focus more on the creativity which exists OUTSIDE of the world they live in! If you do, eventually the Jones’s will try to keep up with you!

Tip 3 – INSIDE VOICES: Speak from your Heart!

Passion speaks louder than words!

If you speak from your heart, you are allowing true, untainted, emotion and ideas to be vocalized.  You allow your PASSION to shine through your words, and meet the ears of the naysayers around you.

I once said in a one-liner inspire “some things are easier said than done, but ALL things are easier done once said”.  So before you look to DO IT, SAY IT!!  Do not be afraid to create!

By speaking from your heart, you will train yourself to combine the two aforementioned creative genius tips:

Speak from your heart and then follow your words.

  1. You will put that gut feeling into words (and in doing so, very directly practice “listening and interpreting” your intuitive skills)
  2. You will counter our innate desire to confirm by sharing your novel ideas, and overcome the ‘fear of judgment’.

Speak from your heart and it will always be easier to follow.

Tip 4 – OUTSIDE IDEAS: Think outside of the Box!

Let your mind wander into the wonderful world of imagination!

As a creative genius, you’ve honored that gut feeling, you’ve avoided social conformity, and you’ve SAID exactly what you needed to say – just before you DO IT!

Kick your creative idea over the goal-line and bring it to life by THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX!

Remember, ground-breaking ideas and innovations are by very definition not in existence today.  So why do many of us focus so much on “what has been done before” when those things have been proven to not work?

If you want to CREATE, do not start from within the system you are trying to create in  — start from the OUTSIDE.

You are bringing something new into the world, so focus a bit less on researching what’s been done and a bit more on imagining what hasn’t!

Reintroducing: The Creative Genius in You!

Rest assured, you were born with it and it has never left you – it has, if anything, been dormant and hidden behind our desire to ‘fit in’.

Positive people say “Sky’s the limit”. Creative geniuses say it’s only the beginning.

Be unique, be yourself, be a free thinker and innovator — do not allow judgment of others to speak more loudly than your heart.  Do not allow that gut feeling to lose it’s impact overtime through lack of use.  Do not allow your box to get smaller and smaller by continually thinking from within it.

Some positive people in your life may have said “sky’s the limit” to you before – but the creative genius in you knows that it is not the limit at all, the sky is only the beginning!

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