CALLING ALL HERO’S: We’re Fighting for Metropolis!

“As society falls…
the monsters rise, and the last of our honor dies.
we look upward;
waiting for our only hope to descend from the sky…”

UNLEASH THE HERO IN YOU and check out a perfect fit for a super twist, as society comes together in the fight for Metropolis!

“Fly” Maddie and Tae Remix, “Fighting for Metropolis”

Lyrics below!

Verse 1:
Don’t know where to start;
Really wanna put a stop to it.
Now I’m losing heart;
Speedy as a bullet’s shot again

Another day, a lot of sin,
A thicker plot droppin’, it’s:
A record low bottom hit,
A pitfall lookin’ bottomless.

A problem all too common…
Solution all too obvious…
Our commoners wanna spend
Every single common cent…

On destructive appetites…
WANT it, NEED it, GOTTEN it.
Order’s up: Apocalypse!
…with a side of lobster bisque!

We eat until we’ve vomited,
Never go out moderate…
Deeper-pockets, bigger wallets,
Ever-growing shopping lists…

Talkin’ more derogative,
Intoxicated competence…
Walkin’ more provocative,
Overtly over-confident…

And acting like our actions
Have been lackin’ any consequence.
Planting seeds and watch our kids
Blossom into rottenness.

It’s hard to be an optimist
In darkness, but I’m positive…
…we’d spark a light united

Keep on climbing,
though the ground might shake.
Just keep on reaching,
Tho’ the limb might break.
(fighting for metropolis! fighting for metropolis!)

We’ve come this far,
Don’t you be scared now…
‘cause you can learn to fly!
(fighting for metropolis! we’re fighting for metropolis)

Verse 2:
No lie, you could fly,
If you wanted to accomplish it…
I’ve never had a side-kick,
But I’d like a few accomplices…

Providing supervision,
‘til we’re more autonomous
It don’t take supervision,
To see our future’s ominious

‘cause it’s been hell lately,
I help the planet daily,
Make it well, then wait until,
They’ve re-created hades!

No escape, from my fate,
Tho’ the weight may break me.
My cape is just a tailor made

A great display of bravery?
Maybe, call me crazy…
But I’m afraid saving the day
Just made you awful lazy!

Look how you repay me:
Compliments and monuments.
If nothing else is changing,
I’ll be saving my own oxygen.

You’re reliance on my suit
Has gotten too monotonous.
Fly a mile in my boots,
When you do, put a sock in it.

Get a leg up on the villains
And ya feet up off the ottoman
‘cause on a limb, no stoppin’ us


Verse 3:
So if you ever made up a game
Where you were saving the day
Ever defended a maiden
Or the American way…

Ever contended a dragon,
Unaided and unafraid…
Or ever taken a frayed blanket,
And made it a cape!

To show we’re still prominent
Drop ya mask’s and let the lowly
Cowards go anonymous

To recall ya promises
Get on the same page
Or flip the fricken’ comic strip!

Keep an eye on the evil;
Watch out for their prerogatives.
& the other on our people;
To teach them all the opposite.

Be STRONG when others won’t
PATIENT when they’re mockin’ it
Smile when they’re throwin’ STONES
You just keep on ROCKIN’ IT!

The making of a hero,
Being super to a man…
aint about how you FLY
…but how you take a STAND!

I’ll keep giving you my all,
Until I’m sure you’ve gotten it
And you unleash your hero;


Author: Loopholes on Life

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