#120 “Not-so-Smart Phones!”

Cell phones are a technological marvel and necessary evil... but are they technically evil or even necessarily marvelous? Explore the benefits and risk of our favorite pocket pal. #LoopholesOnLife.com!
Loopholes on Life
Loopholes on Life
#120 "Not-so-Smart Phones!"

You entrust them with your most treasured memories,
Seek out their guidance when you’re feeling lost,
No matter how obscure the question; they’ll provide answers.
They know your interests, and share common ones.

Kinda wild how we all became best friends with our cell phones, right?!?

Maybe you called it…?
Either way, connect with Stitch and Stan as they unravel the ONE device that we keep so close our other cells get jealous!!


(1) “What is one fun use of the mobile device? I mean fun too, not like emergency contact information.” [2] “The Weather app is fun! I like to know what’s happening!” (1) “Not my definition of fun, but okay…”

“One time a phone is always safe to use — and more efficient too…?When you’re taking a dump! !”

You, or someone you know!

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