“Life is a Game: Cheat Code Inside!” #115

The intensifying rhythm of an anticipating heart is finally quieted by the sound of the first note meeting your anxious ears. It is only the first note, but it sounds off with the authority of a starting gun initiating the great race of life.

As the first note reverberates down your spine in a familiar rhythm of its own, we go.

and we follow, and we race, and we time…
We try to survive, we can even thrive, but eventually, we will lose…

…and THAT is just musical chairs!

Games have a profound impact on our youth… Does that competitive spirit just… go away with age?

Maybe the game changes,
but life is a game… and it can be won!

From throwback childhood games to existential references and mathematical counter-points… Elon Musk, Conway’s Game of Life, Monopoly, Golf, Stan and Stitch all get in on this debate!

Game on!


“How is monopoly a family game?
Dicking people over for money and real-estate?!”

“Eventually we could become talented enough to program
a program to feel for itself

You, or, Someone You Know!

#115 “Life is a Game: Cheat Code Inside!”

Loopholes on Life
Loopholes on Life
#115 "Life is a Game: Cheat Code Inside!"

Stan and Stitch debate whether life is a game, and if it is, how do we win?

  • Childhood throwbacks
  • Hilariously sad importance of games
  • Conway’s game of life
  • Elon Musk and probability of base reality
  • Can you program a robot to have a soul?
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