Mayonnaise is the duct tape of the kitchen.


Something Good is happening!

Something good is happening TO you, AND through you.

Every, single, day.

When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself that…

… and then remind someone else how to do the same.

Happiest of new beginnings, friends!

Happy New Year all!

This year, i am going to approach every day like it’s a new year… and try to bring about positive change in the world that much more rapidly!!

Every day IS a new year in somebody else’s calendar book, after all.

Praying for increased empathy in our world, to manifest a brighter future for us all, and for BIG blessings to ALL of you AND your people in 2023!!

Lord, help me Remember!

Lord, help me to be:

Help me to be a great husband,
a great father,
and a great human being.

And help me to always remember!


Real, Belief… and psychic powers?!

It’s always there.

Like any other sense, it’s about how you tune in.

It requires believing, which typically requires trying…yet by trying, we often find it harder to believe.

Everything is connected, and thus so are we. throughout all space and time.

Our ability to communicate through that space and time requires one strong connection in a strong moment, two mild connections in a strong moment, etc…

Is it telepathy?! Psychic powers??! Intuition? Gut reaction…. Chance?!

There is a language that exists that all are born with, but few are taught to cultivate. Fewer yet dare to speak it outloud, as vulnerability is a suffocating pill to swallow.

Take the risk.

You had a thought. Dream. Vision.


Everything starts with belief, real comes next.

Speakin my language??

“Overcoming Coronavirus, the Dentist, and Pinocchio!” #133

What can we learn about our trips to the Dentist and the adversity of Pinocchio’s adventures to cope and ultimately defeat the fear of the Coronavirus?

This period of global unrest presents a great opportunity to reflect on the adversity humanity has faced and overcome before

In this episode we also consider the horror the occasional Dental procedure and the ominous events which transpired, but often go unspoken, in the “childhood” classic Pinocchio. 

Laughter is the best medicine.

“A Tree in the Sky and Simple Things in Life!” #132

Life is simply complex — with a lot of happiness in the middle!

First, consider the complexities of your life a decade or two ago… and how beautifully simple they appear to you today.

Next, imagine awaking tomorrow as an immensely happy and fulfilled 95-year-old with bookshelves of stories worth sharing, but no teeth… 

Now, take the first bite out of this crisp apple. 

Enjoy the simple things and endure the complicated ones, we’ll see both differently in time! 😉

“Conquering Cat-sized Squirrels and the EGO!” #131

Winning the battle in the backyard is not so dissimilar from winning the one within!

The creature initiates its taunt with a leap off the ground that could out-rival the height of a third grader’s smile.

It latches its tiny arms around the 6-foot iron-rod with the ferocity of a concerned mother, then begins to scale.

Its approach to humanity and gravity is one of defiance, as it navigates upward with the agility of nature’s first Ninja Warrior. 

Finally, while upside down, the squirrel finishes its feast out of the “squirrel-proof” bird-feeder. Then struts toward the coy pond with its tail in the air and, without breaking eye contact, begins quenching its thirst while gnawing away at my ego.

Winning the battle in your own backyard is not so dissimilar from conquering the battle within!

Time to tackle the Ego!

…a REAL human nature story.

“Dreaming in Reality!” #130

The reality of dreams, and bringing dreams into reality!

Everyone has a dream… right? Whether you do or do not, there is now an agreed upon path on how to bring your dreams into reality!

Discover the secret in a not-so-tricky acronym…um… D.R.E.A.M.!

(D) Discover and Develop your dreams.
(R) Remember them.
(E) Energize them! Fuel that fire!
(M) Measure your progress as you go and grow!

It is really that simple… isn’t it?!


“Remember when I had the Toronado?”…”Was that a disease you got when visiting Mexico?”

“It’s the smell of hard work and memories. You can distinguish the wins and losses if you really sommelier the scents of my goalie gloves.”

“The people who do not have a dream are the ones we need to hug the most, and who were probably hugged the least. “

You, or someone you know

Jack of All Trades….Master of None


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Have you ever had a dozen “dreams” but not one of them have come true yet?  Have you ever told yourself you could speak another language, play a musical instrument, own your dream car, learn how to cook, read more books, be your own boss and work on being the best friend and family member of anyone around you?  Well in no specific order I definitely have done much of this “dreaming.”  Many of my closest friends and family will tell you that I am always thinking of a new idea, plan, plot or development that I MAY or MAY NOT do.

I was contemplating this the other day and thinking critically about my behaviors in this way.  I was truly wondering… I a flake??  Do I talk a big game and nothing ever changes?  After all I want to be clear; I am not an idiot here.  I am quite successful in my career with more promotions on the horizon and a high income earner with a loving son and girlfriend and my family thinks the world of me.  I have accomplished things along the way in my life some will never be able to including becoming a second level Sommelier which is no easy task and the youngest General Manager in the history of one of America’s greatest and most prolific fine dining concepts.  But at the end of the day those weren’t my “dreams.”  Those things just happened along the way mostly born of the necessity to grow my career.

So here I am with so many of my “dreams” still on the sideline while my “success” is moving forward on other things.  Some of that is ok; I do love my job and my industry but again multiple pieces of my souls puzzle have still been missing for years.  It’s true…I wanted to learn to play the guitar like BB King and I currently play camp fire guitar and have only 3 originals I’m proud of….I love the Spanish language and wanted to be fluent and I can’t get past the basics in conversations and can’t ask the questions I want to know about the person I care to know so much about…..I often have dreams of getting my restaurant, investment, income property and I flip flop on those concepts more than a Chicago Politician.

I guess the answer is how do you move the needle to get them all done?  Does this mean compromise and letting one go or does it mean better time management of them all ?  This is a difficult and age old questions and I think I found the answer….you ready for it?  You need to put all the effort and energy into the one that you are most passionate about.  Look at my example…guitar sounds cool..would love to be better but it’s not my career nor do I want it to be.  Spanish I dream to speak it fluently but I have years of retirement and travel to Latin destinations to move that needle.  What is most on my mind and passionate is the need to become an investor.  To do more with my time, money and effort day to day.  That is what I need to put first and foremost and with the reward just might come more time, money and ability to re-visit the other dreams!  You never know after the oozing passion of your TRUE dream is pursued and accomplished there could be more time and balance to re-visit the others!

In closure, it’s important to become a master of ONE and not none.  I’ve been a Jack of All Trades for ages knowing a LITTLE bit about everything and mastering only the things I didn’t intend to!  It’s time for me to take the things I do know and walk them into a life of mastering one that I haven’t.  Good luck with your journey and know that your other goals, hopes and dreams are NOT FAR AWAY and stick your time, effort and energy into the one you want to see materialize the most.  Even if it’s out of reach such as becoming a rock star or athlete just go for it and the other “trades” will be there waiting for you if that doesn’t work out!






“The Lobby for Hobbies, and against Circumcision!” #129

We’re Lobbying for Hobbyists around the world!

Think about the things you are passionate about and actively pursue. Now, think about the things you are passionate about yet make no time for at all.  Finally, think about the fleeting feeling you had as you considered each of those scenarios, and how infinitely different they were.

Modern society seems to applaud the ‘busy little beaver’ approach to a productive day… but maybe with a subtle change or two, we can have a more rewarding life.

Maybe it’s time to pursue a little more investment of time in YOU!!

Great hobbies are forever, and thankfully… circumcisions do not make the cut!


“Someone would open the door and I would hide my G.I. Joes like I was scurrying to cover up a crime scene!”

“When you convince yourself something is a hobby that isn’t a hobby, you’ve made a hobby out of manipulating yourself.”

“‘Imagine circumcision at this age, four guys come in like ‘Stitch, we’re going to cut part of your penis off…’
…’It would take four guys to get that foreskin!'”

You, or someone you know

“A Sloth, a Snooki, and Party of Three!” #128

It’s a New Year, aka, GO time!
Like clockwork, or more precisely, full-calendar-year-work, we are ‘ready-set-go’ to break old habits and start new trends… Here’s a powerful something you ought to consider while berated with infinite inspirational articles and a handful of self-written notes: what was the VERY first trend?

Here’s a 3-pronged riddled-truth :

  • we perceive life in it
  • yet death comes in it
  • and it’s the most striking number

Oh, the power of THREE!

Discover why three is the most important number since zero — and why zero has never been a number at all.


If someone shook your hand with only 3 fingers, and just 3-toed-sloth you, you’d have to break form…”

“‘What was the original iPhone girl called again?’ ‘Patricia?'”

“Anyone can make it to New Jersey… it’s a loophole on life if they make it back!”

You, or someone you know

How Do We Smell The Roses?

beautiful bloom blooming close up
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Hello Followers!

Thank you for following our posts and listening to our Podcast on featuring Stitch & Stan!  Your presence on our site and in our lives by listening is greatly appreciated and valued!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and researching how to slow down a bit in my life and truly “stop and smell the roses.”  I did a little research on the phrase because I thought to myself this phrase is genius and yet so convenient but also so appropriate to life; yet the phrase is almost unabashedly American in it’s sound and approach and to me it’s such a simple yet profound life lesson. It seems the phrase is greatly attributed to Professional Golfer Walter Hagen in his 1956 book “The Walter Hagen Story.”  Apparently in the book, which I just put on hold at the New York Public Library, he says “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”  I am a huge fan of the phrase; but a terrible follower of it’s principle.

I am looking forward to hearing more from Mr. Hagen in his book and I think his mindsight is right where I want mine to go for a little journey.  You see much like so many other people in life I have been a fool who has been running around each day doing the duties, choirs, parenting, working and relationship role that has made each day go by as fast as a shooting bullet and rarely have I slowed down for a moment to realize how good my life really is or how incredible many of the moments during this hustle really are.  Think of Mr. Hagen out on the course in a competitive game of PGA Golf where every stroke matters and huge money is on the line and in this game he stops maybe only for a couple cherished seconds and leans over and closes his eyes and smells the incredible bushel of flowers near the path on his way to the next tee off.  What an incredible moment and sense of life appreciated in an overall intense life circumstance of a heated golf match.

This is my goal in life now.  When I am walking in NYC on a perfectly sunny day and see a leaf fall off a tree and blow back and forth in the light breeze as it daintily makes its way to the ground and lands perfectly on a bench next to an old man reading a book.  To stop even if for ten seconds to notice that happening and soak it into my mental appreciation for life.  Another reason this phrase is so brilliant is that all the senses play a great role ironically in “smelling” the roses. It’s not so literal after all which is the genius of the phrase.  The feel of a hug from my son after I pick him up from school is a second or two I close my eyes and soak that moment in.  The sight of my friends smile when I make them laugh is a brief moment I try to absorb.  Yes of course the smell of so many things does work as well; like the smell of a warm cup of coffee on a crisp cool morning that I am alive and healthy walking to start my day.

I am so happy I am starting to realize that it’s time to “smell the roses.”  I think I avoided this for so long because I haven’t fulfilled all my dreams yet in my career and personal life.  So I felt like there was not justification or time to allow myself to enjoy with great sincerity what I have.  Thankfully after doing much soul searching and frankly researching other insightful peoples blogs; I have really come to the conclusion I have so much to celebrate right now!  I live in one of the coolest cities in the world, I am healthy and in good physical condition, I have an incredible child who is full of goodness and love, a great girlfriend who loves me dearly and my dreams for my career are only a couple small steps away and definitely within an arms reach.  As the wise Walter Hagen said “Don’t hurry.  Don’t worry”  I may not be across any finish line yet but I don’t need to worry or hurry right now.  It’s time to take life as it comes, keep the ball moving……but definitely time to occasionally stop…..and smell the roses!

-Stan @stanloopholes

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“Oh, When the STRESS Comes Marching In!” #127

NO VACANCY!! The romance of a long weekend’s escape occupies the only room you had left in the anticipation apartment.

As the days come marching in, your heart beat seems to synchronize with the rhythms of a Bourbon Street celebration.  You are prepared to depart for a family wedding in New Orleans and to arrive in the middle of a good time. 

But first, you must fit a week of work into two days… and, oh yeah, you are bringing your 8 and 6 year old children with you… and, oh yeah, those kids are carrying cartoon-themed luggage as well as strep-throat…


We associate it to the bad times, but too often let it snake its way into the special ones.

So, today we ask… How do we minimize stress to maximize the moments that matter most?!


…then, after everyone is celebrating you for great speeches, smiles, high-fives, and hugs… you get strep-throat yourself, and have to carry around two 50lbs bags and a couple of kids all the way from Bourbon Street to Ohio.

You, or someone you know

Bonus Content:
** disclaimer: by reading this you subscribe to the fact you should have already hit play! **
> Reflect on the singular scenario Buddha totally stress beads out
> Let the mysteries of constipation flow through you
> Learn how listening to the Joe Rogan podcast will scientifically cure your anxiety!

“Love Handles, Limos, and WILL POWER!” #126

It’s the future, the past, and the WAY!

If you know this single word, power often follows. 

As a verb? It describes actions in the future.

As a noun? It defines what we leave behind.

Whatever it is, whenever it exists, there IS always a way!

Will power.


“What you see in me outwardly, is the relationship we have with ourselves inwardly “

“‘Would you go forth with accomplishing your goal no matter what, even if it put stress on a loved one for example?’ — ‘Well, here’s the thing, I’m not just a dick.'”

“‘Recognize the moment of focus leakage.’ — ‘yeah! How do you do that?’ — ‘by recognizing the moments of focus leakage.'”

You, or someone you know

“The Mirror goes Deep!” #125

Wanna yield exponential growth and success?

There’s a FREE tool available to us.
The resource is everywhere.
the everything is anywhere,
and, hey, go pee!

Reflection. deflection.
deception. perception!

…..the mirror goes deep!

It’s Stan, Stitch, and… San Fran local, west coaster, father of two, tech extraordinaire and brother of Stitch!

Think of the mirror.
then think again!!


“I’ve started to walk in…
but my longest journey was when i saw not one urinal.”

“We live every life in first character, but it’s only that moment in the mirror when you see yourself as a third party character now.”

You, or someone you know

“A Spooky Surprise!” A young kid’s breakdown of Halloween! #SE01

As the elation of free candy and sugar-highs fade, a bitter aftertaste of social confusion and fear ensues… Is there another holiday which conjures up a stronger emotional dichotomy than Halloween?!

Conjure up the kid in you and unpack these memories with us, as Stitch’s son Jax (also famously known as “Steve”) joins his favorite podcast for the first time!

Learn first hand from an eight year old:

  • How a single Halloween decoration ruined a young boy’s favorite holiday!
  • How 2 horrific tales from different families BOTH involve a “Tree Guy”!
  • How an epic deal involving podcasts and cucumbers was made!


“I like talking… but not too much. Dad always frustrates me!”

“Focus on your finger and making the world a better place.”

You, or someone you know!

“How to Catch Proverbs, Pun, and Pantry Mice!” #124

Within the reminiscent whisper of retrospect, one can reflect on the timeless truths we’ve heard over, and over, and over, and over again.

We hear them. We say them. We, sadly, all too often ignore them.

Perhaps you’ve heard: “A stitch in time saves nine.”?

Well friends, a Stitch and Stan combined can save even more!

Honor your grandma’s wisdom and hear us out! 


“You’re like a Chinese Mel Brooks, Stitch. I love it!
You’re like Confucius at a comedy club.”

“Have you heard the proverb “a stitch in time saves nine?'”
~”I don’t know what it means, but they underestimate my number!”

You, or someone you know!

“Big Dippers, Hill Dancers, and LEADERSHIP!” #123

Some are born, some are forged – all are chosen.

It is time to unpack the characteristics of leadership, and question the integrity of the star naming system!


“If constellations were amusement park rides, the Big Dipper would be Disney’s Tea Cups!”

“The qualities that make a born leader are also the ones they pay close attention to as a learned one. ”

“Great leadership is not a destination, it’s a decision to keep on becoming a better one for the rest of your life.”

You, or someone you know!

“The Oz Behind Vegas, Politics, & Subway Smells!” #122

As the rhythmic wheels of our first-world routines lullaby our heads and hearts to sleep, it escapes us once more. A great truth, cowering behind the shield of a green curtain and slithering yet deeper into figment of imagination. 

Most lives are restlessly lived in the mist of this slumber… However, if you are lucky and brave enough, you can follow it.  And if you follow it long enough, you can hear it…  From beyond a well-traveled path to the lesser-known curtain, you can identify that alluring whisper which has begged, bartered, and bet against your better judgement for your entire life.

Join Stan, Stitch, and Mike as they travel down that familiar road, bricked and yellowed, together.  It has been too long since someone confronted this ‘so-called’ wizard face-to-face!


“They’re gambling against the gamblers, but the gamblers are the sheep and Vegas is the shepherd.”

“Cereal deserves at least 1%, otherwise just use faucet water.”

“Obscure movie references, wine, Cleveland sports… Mike might be in the running for my new best friend.”
…“Tune in next week to the Mike and Stan Podcast!”

You, or someone you know!

#RiseBeforeFall……’s time!


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clothes clothes hanger dress fashion
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Hello Friends!

In the not so distant past I was on the infamous podcast with my pal Stitch and as we concluded thoroughly discussed the wonders of Hot Yoga and the concept of “Everything from Nothing” we caught ourselves in the midst of an unexpected and organic moment of realizing we….like many others…..might just have a little too many clothes, toys and materials than what we really need.  We made a commitment that night to do something about it and I hope to challenge and implore many of you to do the same along with us!

The campaign is called #RiseBeforeFall and we are committing to giving away about 1/3 of our closet to a charitable organization of our choice!  I have chosen to give my clothes to #goodwill and my shoes to  #soles4souls and will be documenting my progress on twitter if you follow me please @stanloopholes.  My son is gonna catch the fever and give away his toys that he is now too old for as well!

I got super excited about this when I was talking with Stitch because honestly I thought he wouldn’t be game for such a challenge!  For me living in NYC it’s easy to see the upside in downsizing in our shoebox apartments.  But even Stitch in his nice sizeable Akron Ohio home was down for the cause!  “I am about to go nuts, man!” were his exact words!!  So let’s see it Stitch!  Follow his path @loopholesonlife; let’s see what you can post along with me!!

What a crazy path this podcast and mindset brings us each and every day, week and month!  You would have thought this would have come up on “The unbelievable life of washing machines, and materialism” which was perhaps one of my favorite pods of all time; but leave it to us to get sidetracked like two dogs chasing a squirrel and find our passion to do something great on our Nothingness podcast.

I thank you for reading along with this blog and following our podcast and I challenge you to join us on twitter and to join us before the summer is officially over by committing to participating….even if a little….in #RiseBeforeFall!

See you all soon on the pod!