“Redemption Song” Loophole

Since the day we were born – we’ve had the answers to, and the loopholes on, life readily available for us.

They have been bestowed upon us through EVERY generation, and their words tend to transcend both space & time.

The message has always been clear.  The message has been delicately carved into cave walls, thoroughly crystalized through parable & poem, and carefully captured through lyricism & music. Not to mention the diligent documentation of the Bible (#1 best-seller, one hundred and four thousand weeks strong, take that New York Times!).

But how do we receive this message for ourselves, overcome the mental manipulation that pollutes our society, and change both ourselves and the world for the better? 

Everyone marches to the beat of their own drum.

Every soul speaks a different language.

Many subject matters help to unveil the truths beyond the curtain.  Art, Music, Math, and yes, even organized Religion (once society as a whole stops “practicing”, “something”, “together”, the majority will find themselves in a deep hole that they stumbled upon after a walk down a lonely road…. unity is one of the most fundamental proponents of consistent growth, for an individual, for a society, and for a species).

Today’s drum is drum strum upon by the everlasting echo of the late-great Bob Marley.  Consider what the following verse breakdown means to us today (one verse from “Redemption Song”).

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;

Excellent social “call to action”, Bob!  Embrace the fact that the best way to convince someone to give you their lunch is by acting as if you do not need their lunch, but they need yours independently of whatever their decision to contribute to society, oops, I mean contribute to the ‘lunch trade’ is!

If individuals emancipate themselves from the manipulation which takes place through all media forms, then so does “the whole”.

The best kind of slaves are those that are convinced they are free – therefore, the most successful kinds of ‘slave masters’ do so by defining the scope of the definition “freedom”.  Vote left, vote right – who’s voting up and down?

None but ourselves can free our minds.

Indeed.  Of the small percentage of us that “get it”, there is an even smaller percentage of us willing to “talk about it.”  From there, there is an even smaller facet that can say it in a way that speaks to each of us, independent of our native language.

The most skilled speakers, singers, prophets, artists, and writers can “open the door” — but each individual needs to choose to walk through for themselves.  A mind is freed by NO ONE except themselves in the end. Others can provide assistance as one move up the field, but only the individual can kick it over the goal line.

Also remember, just because one “thinks” they have an open mind, really only means they have a propensity to – as long as they are not so stuck in their conviction that their mind is already open. As mentioned above – the best kind of slave is one who believes they are free. Once you are free, you will know it without a reason to believe you are free anymore — but you will know it in a way that you are willing to be “shown that you were not free and be freed all over again” (a lot of mental entrapment is caused by external influencers “beefing our egos” up, and letting our individual egos do the work of limiting our TRUE freedom for us).

Have no fear for atomic energy,

Absolutely. Have no fear period. Have no fear of even fear itself.  Both fear and atomic are of the negative kind, having either or breeds the same tendencies, traps, and cancers which infests ourselves, and thus, society today.

cause none of them can stop the time.

Truth.  As touched upon all too often in this blog – time is catalyst from which all fear, anxiety, and worry comes from.  Fear, anxiety, and worry are the catalyst for mental (physical, emotional and spiritual) enslavement. Remove time, remove ‘their’ power, regain yours, and empower ‘ours’.

How long shall they kill our prophets,

Until we listen to their words, and put ‘the good of the whole’ above the ‘good of ourselves’.

While we stand aside and look? ooh!

“Ooh” indeed! Retrospect might be 20/20, but it doesn’t make it any less painful.  As individuals, and as a society, we tend to be inspired by courage YET motivated by fear – what’s with that?  “Get up, Stand up”, and stand up because it’s right.

Some say it’s just a part of it:

A lot say it’s just a part of it; because it’s all a part of it. Knowing takes learning, understanding ‘the whole’ takes understanding ‘our parts’, and comprehending the book takes comprehension of the chapters and the individual pages we contribute to them.

We’ve got to fulfill de book.


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