Wanna Make your own Economy? Find out how!

How is THE economy really made?  Watch the video. READ the lyrics.

Truth seekers & conspiracy “theorists” should appreciate the synopsis of how the global economy really works (the video alone connects some dots which are not explicitly called out, :cough: thethreecitystates :cough:).

Musicians & poets should appreciate the fact that this entire song was written with the SAME tri-syllabic rhyme….the….whole…time!

EVERYONE should appreciate THE TRUTH, which as always, is inside.

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Base it all on confidence & make the people drop esteem.

if money’s made of paper, ‘n paper’s made of trees;
why aint we rakin in the dough instead of rakin up the leaves?

wanna make your own economy? complicate it properly;
invent a bunch of words to dominate the glossary.
shaping-it-isosceles, frame it in a ponzi scheme;
base it all on confidence & make the people drop-esteem

restating the philosophy; i’ll dumb it down more logically;

the market isn’t stable now, it doesn’t take a prodigy.
got more ups ‘n downs than the-bottom of a soccer cleat,
but since a hot~shot is neat, we gotta get a saki drink;
our heads are full of play-dough; ‘n not enough of socrates!
money is a joke…i never got the comedy;
i bought some piece of mind; but it costed a lobotomy!

We couldn’t even find “change” in an Obama speech

the last time we saw a profit; Enoch had a prophecy 

from party in the penthouse, to on the floor lobbying;
the presidential cabinet wasn’t fit for mahogany!
gold was a standard, now its an anomaly;
we couldn’t even find “change” in an Obama speech!
big brother wasn’t good, it really doesn’t bother me;
but uncle sam coulda stood–to be a bit more fatherly!

believe it or not the plot was a hot debauchery!

the key to fort knox-is-locked in a box-that-got no key;
divested in NASA, BLAST! the started rocketing!
to outer space & out to sea; you oughtta see the odyssee,
til we oddly even odds & even beat the lottery!
the system is a fallacy; no need for an analogy;
but it’s a sorry model, like a Tyra banks apology!

The key to fort knox is locked in a box that got no key!

we’d turn the corner easier if we were tobogganing!

resorted to pick-pocketing, we’re cheaper than taco meat;
if money talks, then mine is out somewhere mocking me!
one day i’ll awake… in decade old Docker jeans;
with all my crap in a bag like i got a colostomy!
while celebrities prioritize environmental policy;
‘n got more greenhouses than a box of monopoly!

they’re preachin 2 the choir who had written the homily

but it’s followed by “BOO!”….like bibbity bobbity…
and we roll with the punches like whitney did bobby b.!
Analyze This Limitless Raging Bull of atrocity;
Casino’s Rob Dinero like an Oscar nominee!
then The Fockers Meet; they got The Fan, they’ve gotten Heat,
and are wiping out the “dirt-poor”, quicker-than oxyclean!

Casino’s Rob Dinero like an Oscar Nominee!

on’delay on’delay – don’t delay on the lease!

now, is half of my salary taxes or robbery?
i’m having a shopping spree at a couple of pop machines!
money don’t buy happiness; or even reciprocity;
it causes a false-positive like over-eating poppy-seeds!

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That’s my .02 cents. Penny for your thoughts?

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