The Dream Sailor: Master the Reality of Illusion

Bring your dreams into reality. Cross over the door.

Where does a dream end and reality begins?

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, you appeared.

You appeared, smack dab in the middle of a story.  You appeared right where the plot is at its thickest and yet, amazingly, are ALREADY the main character.  Amidst old friends who seem different and new strangers who seem familiar; surrounded by a recognizable landscape you’ve never seen before. You accept it.

Then suddenly, you hear your name being whispered with screeches of cynicism, as your alarm clock reminds you that it was all a dream.

Think you grasp reality?  You’re dreaming!

Dreams: The Reality you Expect; An Illusion you Accept

Every night we accept our dreams, or at least many of them, as a reality; every morning we reclassify them as an illusion.

Oh how wise we think we are!!!

We awake from those dreams and with a mere stretch and a yawn, we re-tune our senses to the physical world. With the aid of a quick shower and perhaps a cup of coffee, we re-calibrate to the “physical world” around us.

IN ALL REALITY, our minds care little about subscribing our experiences as “illusion” or “reality”. Yet, we eagerly categorize the state of our being based on, if anything, the recency of our experiences! It is in our nature to believe that whatever is happening RIGHT NOW must be the most real – and any previous state must be less real.

Components of Dreaming – Setting the Stage for the Play:

living in a bubble you call reality; with your dreams right outside.

Time and Brainwaves

Loophole readers may have noticed the “time” theme as of late – I’m now going to shift to dreams, because it is an excellent way to help one conceptualize the relevancy (or there lack of) of “time”.

After all, of our FOUR brainwaves, ONLY ONE perceives time (Beta, awake/alert state).  That is why in a moment of day dreaming, or meditation, one can lose track of time (Alpha wave). That is why as you progress deeper into sleep, and your brain cycles slow, dreams too are experienced in a timeless state.

Lucid Dreaming

At a very young age, I began having recurring nightmares.   BECAUSE I had those recurring nightmares, I was eventually able to discern when I was dreaming.

By recognizing when I was dreaming, I eventually learned how to “Lucid Dream”, without even knowing there was a term for it until much, much later in life.

Sometimes recognizing you are dreaming is not enough – you have to be ready to control them and balance your brain wave activity so you do not just “wake yourself up” — but it is an easy art to learn with a few tips and a few “at bats”.

The Power of Dreams: From Prophecy to Creativity

Many inventors and scientists have literally been cited as subscribing their solutions coming to them during dreams.  Many creative writers, authors, and artists speak to their dreams as being the primary means for their ‘novel’ ideas. So much credence and reverence was given toward dreams earlier in our history — and across many religions and ancient traditions.

Dreams are more than meet the eye.  In fact, they are more than what meets the eye because the eye does not inhibit the “dreamscape” of ideas, concepts, and archetypes.

All of these topics will be covered in more depth, but to plant the seeds, do not neglect the power of dreams.

 A Dream within a Dream….

Bring your dreams into reality. Cross over the door.

Have you ever had a “Dream within a Dream”?

If you have, then you can recognize the patterns of how YOU DISCERN REALITY.  You accept the “most recent stage” of your experience as “more truthful and closer to reality” than your previous stage.  You also can conceptualize how time is further manipulated from one dream to the next.

If you have not, are you so sure?!  Listen for that cynical alarm clock whispering your name – you may be surprised what you wake up to.

Forget what you think you know of reality – because it likely just inhibits your potential.

Do you get the MOST out of reality? Dream on!

Author: Loopholes on Life

LEARN from the past; LIVE for the moment; LOVE for eternity.

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