Remember the Future; Change the Present

Avoid focusing on the past if you want to change the future!

Avoid focusing on the past if you want to change the future!

Why does history repeat?  We replay the past over and over in our minds.

Want to change?  Replay the future over and over in your mind!

Changing Today by Anticipating Tomorrow!

It works like a charm, but doesn’t take magic.  It was written about in “The Secret”, but it is actually common sense. I have a bitter-sweet relationship with that book, because it has been recommended to me by a dozen people through the years, yet, it reminds me how shallow our depth is at times.

Seriously folks, do not give the “Law of Attraction” more credit than it deserves — yet, do not ignore the providence of it either.  It is simply the art of recognizing many wise adages through the ages — ‘seek and ye shall find’, ‘i think therefore I am’… etc. etc… Many times simple truths are manipulated to unveil truth to people, but behind the walls that those new truths break down, stronger walls are often forged.

That said — there is absolute truth behind the idea of ‘seeing yourself and your situation in the future’.  If you can anticipate the future, truly visualize your situation and how you will look, feel, think, smell, touch — change — you increase your probability of not only realizing that very future, but also SEEING those things which exist around you today.

As you focus on the change you want to see – you remind yourself day and night what you want to become. Consciously saying things differently, unconsciously thinking things differently – bringing slight change into your reality day by day; and reinforcing the future in your dreams night by night.

See the Past as a Gift

Our present is created from the same image we reflect upon – which is typically past experience (it is all the present moment has to draw from). This is why change for an individual can be slow — and change for a world can be exponentially slower.

See the Past as a gift — a gift to remember what you were and what you are.  A gift to remind yourself what you’d like to continue to be, and a gift to remind yourself what you’d like to change.  The good experiences AND the bad experiences are both an equally valuable gift when looked at in this way.

See the Future as a Present

Seeing the Future as a Present — seeing the change you’d like to become — is an EXTREMELY VALUABLE tool for implementing rapid change and growth.

Want to improve your skills? Picture yourself already excelling in those skills! Picture your future self being able to rock the guitar, sing beautifully, create amazing art.

Want to improve your relationships? Picture yourself more patient, more peaceful, more empathetic.

Want to increase your savvy in a subject matter? Picture your future self as a clear “authority in the space”.

Want to get in shape? Picture how you will look once you are in PERFECT shape.

Define Broad Goals then get Detailed to Bring the Future to You!

Start with the high-level vision of the goal — whatever change you’d like to see.  By submitting that vision to your mind, you will not lose focus on the “end goal”.

From there, bring the future to you by getting more detailed regarding the vision.  How does that future “in shape” version of you eat, sleep, work-out — how are their hobbies are priorities changed?  What does a day in their life look like?

Do not over-focus on what YOU need to change, e.g. “oh no, I have to do 400 things right a way to be more like that person”!  NOOOOOO!!!!  Just picture their life, and align yourself to them with the affinity you already have for that person you are (and will become)!

By simply reminding yourself you are that person – you will make subtle changes that you do not even realize…. Even in the smallest of ways, do you not think that your metabolism alone has SOME relationship with your mode of thought?  Do you not think your pulse and blood pressure have SOME relationship with the way you are thinking?  Your body will react before your habits even change dramatically to support whatever goal you’re dreaming up next!

Remember the future — you’ll be glad you did in retrospect!

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