Let Your Worries Go!

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Great to be alive and back to writing another article on the fabulous #loopholesonlife.com!  The home of The Infamous Stan & Stitch Podcast!  Every week me & my best of pals Stitch love to spend an hour doing a podcast about a topic in life that is giving us pause in our own lives at the moment of that week as we lead up to our one hour podcast.  I wanted to take that practice and apply it to my own writing and share with all of my friends today what has been on my mind this week.  Well perhaps you could say I’ve been worrying about it………..

Worrying and Stress are such a fundamental part of the human experience.  Daily trials and tribulations such as a heavy work load, being late, forgetting something, missing a flight, upcoming major events……the list goes on and on!  Happenings such as this are all part of our lives many of which are completely out of our control.  So many of us, including myself, sit around and let these unexpected circumstances invade our minds and our thoughts and feelings.  They make us unaware of our surroundings and tune out the amazing things and experiences that are going on in our life and put us in this deep dark vessel of thoughtless nothingness where all we are doing is either pulling our hair out, tapping our feet, biting our nails or perhaps a full emotional breakdown!  Meanwhile outside our mental doors the world could care less about our small concerns and a symphony of life is happening and we are missing it all.

In all these cases we are completely losing a battle with a guerrilla warfare enemy that is resilient and powerful…..stress and worrying.  You see stress and worrying have only two good qualities.  (1) You are completely irresponsible and never wake up on time, never meet your promises, miss all appointments, leave others hanging and completely and utterly don’t have your S$%*t together.  So stress and worrying hopefully tell you to stop being an idiot jerk and fix it and improve your life making it a good quality to have around for types like this.  (2)  You have a big heart and stress and worrying are in some ways a kind and almost godly way of proving you have a genuine care and concern for others to the point where you worry and stress more about them than you do yourself!  Noble indeed and so many can relate….but does that make it worth it?

Mark Twain seemed to understand this concept so well and he once said “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”  He also carried on to profoundly say “worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.”  How true is that???!  You are truly giving up what might be considered the worlds most priceless currency….you’re own time…to spend it on worrying about stupid things that don’t matter.  Wake up tomorrow and let your worries go!  Give up on the stress you’ve been carrying about at least the stupid little things.  I get it you can’t stop worrying or stressing about a sick family member or a trouble friends (as referenced in #2 above); but do you need to be mad for a day or two that your husband or wife forgot to take out the trash or pull the turkey out of the oven?  It’s time to let so much of it go & turn that energy into LOVE and as Twain said; you’ll probably look back and laugh that much of it never happened anyway!


Special Thanks to the Loyal Listeners!!



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