Mission Restatements

HELP ME to HELP YOU so you can HELP me to HELP others to HELP us!!!

ANYTHING (and thus everything) IS POSSIBLE…  If you don’t believe that, then you’ve already hindered the possibility of realizing it.

– –  +-   -+-     -+-+-        =        -+-+-     -+-   -+  – –

The mission is simple my friend.

Use the content of this blog to unlock the mysteries of life!  A bold claim, I know – but the EVERYTHING is connected.  Just pick a topic to start with, and work your way in any direction – it all leads to the same place in the end (which brings you right back to the beginning!)

Enjoy your journey – it was made JUST FOR YOU!

Inspirational One-liners:

One-liners, Word play, Quotes, Idioms, Axioms

Keep it short and sweet with these “thoughts of the day”, ranging from the fun and funny to the deeper meanings which just may serve as a “click” for you along the way, as you figure out what your life is all about!

Collection of Coolness (the most popular one-liners)

Infinity Files (all inspirational thoughts; beginning to end to beginning again)


Loopholes on Life:

Understanding the Abstract — Time, God, Society, the Universe & You!

Go a bit more deep with articles ranging from society today, to ancient knowledge, conspiracies, mysteries — from science to faith and back again – it is ALL related. Connect the dots, and always: LEARN from the Past; LIVE for the Moment; LOVE for Eternity!

Life’s Loopholes – Archive of Awesomeness

All Loopholes – Archive of Everything


Smell what I'm steppin in? Comment below!

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