The Infamous Stan & Stitch Podcast!

Two childhood friends who found their calling,
debated with it, then decided to hit record.

No matter who you are, you’ll relate to at least one of us.

#RiseBeforeFall08/21/19#119 "Everything from Nothing and Hot Yoga!"
If the world started over, would it get better? would history repeat? how do we ensure our awesomeness as humans improves?08/05/19#118 "8 Babies, 1 Island, and Hope!"
Gentlemen, Chivalry, and Couples Massages!07/29/19#117 “The Gentlemen of Chivalry and Couples Massages”
Time and Life are Intertwined, Time to Overcome it to Unwind!07/08/19#116 “In a World Without Time”
What is the secret to winning the game of life?06/18/19#115 "Life is a Game: Cheat Code Inside!”
what is intuition and how to increase your sensitivities to maximize your life?05/28/19#114 “The Untapped Spirits of Gin, Aliens, and Intuition!”
Watching the news, and it's effect on you!05/13/19#113 “JFK Gate 31: the Truth behind NEWS and New York Travel!”
Greatness, Connection, Conflict, the Draw.. the Pull... The Pole. Magnetism.05/06/19#112 “The Origins of MAGNETISM (and Stitch)!”
04/16/19#111 “The Blissful Ignorance of Social Lemmings!”
Your hometown, Disney's Sebastian, Foie Gras, and the Eiffel Tower03/26/19#110 “The Eiffel Tower & Foie Gras vs. Sebastian & your Hometown!”
Finding the soul in everything from history to broadway productions of Hamilton!02/18/19 #109 “Hamilton, Vikings, and the Indisputable Evidence of Soul!”
Music, love, and everything in between!02/11/19#108 “The Transformative Exotics of Pull-out Couches, and Music!”
Preparing for the future and maximize it!01/29/19#107 "The Future, Big Macs, and Dog Poop... in a Beautiful Little Box!"
Making your own luck, and maximizing karma!11/22/18#106 "Luck, Karma, and Naked on the Streets of New York!"
3 steps to overcoming indecision10/31/18#105 "An Umbrella, a Sasquatch, and Indecision!"
understanding materialism and overcoming greed10/15/18#104 "The Unenviable Life of Washing Machines, and Materialism!"
overcoming fear and becoming courageous!10/03/18#103 "The Mysterious Culture of Canada, Swingers, and Fear!"
How to master your dreams and learn to lucid dream!09/10/18#102 "Dreams, Floss, and the Importance of Depeche Mode!"
overcoming addiction with real life examples08/20/18#101 "The Butterfly, the Spider licker, and Addiction!"
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