The Infamous Stan & Stitch Podcast!

Two childhood friends who found their calling,
debated with it, then decided to hit record.

No matter who you are, you’ll relate to at least one of us.

11/22/2018S01E06Luck, Karma, and Naked on the Streets of New York!
10/31/2018S01E05An Umbrella, a Sasquatch, and Indecision!
10/15/2018S01E04The Unenviable Life of Washing Machines, and Materialism
10/03/2018S01E03The Mysterious Culture of Canada, Swingers, and Fear!
09/10/2018S01E02Dreams, Floss, and the Importance of Depeche Mode!
08/20/2018S01E01The Butterfly, the Spider licker, and Addiction!