Inspired by: Awake of Potential!

“Waking up is no time to stop dreaming dreams;
but it’s a GREAT time to start living them!”

Inspired by: Being MORE than A parent!

“Kids can COLOR between the lines,
but they can’t READ between them.”

Be Inspired: Take the BEATING Path!

“Speak from your heart & you’ll never need to bite your tongue.”

Be Inspired: You’re Re-minded what Matters!

Inspire and reminded what matters

“if you believe MIND OVER MATTER, it will leave MATTER UNDERMINED.”

Be Inspired: You’re a Certified Planner!

Today you’ve successfully completed
your 5-year plan from 5 years ago!

…and you’ll do it again tomorrow.”

Inspire Better Spending!

“Time is Money; Spend it Wisely.”

Inspire Coming out of your Shell!

POULTRY is called chicken when they come out of their shell;
PEOPLE are called chicken when they do not.”

Inspire a Weekend State

“Trade in your Case of the Mondays for a whole Keg of the Fridays!”, 10/22/2012

Inspire a New Perspective on Politics

Better Perspectives in Politics

“Political views? Sorry I cannot share your perspective..
but there isn’t room for TWO heads up your ass!”

Anybody can do Anything at any Moment!

at any moment, anybody, can do anything

…any questions?”

Inspire Better Programming

“Your Mind’s biggest TURN-ON starts with the t.v. TURNED-OFF!

Inspire doing ANYTHING but nothing!

“Whoever said ‘IT’S all or NOTHING’, should have done SOMETHING about IT!”

Inspire A parent Lessons

find clarity in parenting...

“To a child:
what we SAY is ambiguous;
but what we DO is a parent.”

Inspire Taking a Shot

Inspire Leadership

“A Natural Liter is born out of an Ounce of Authenticity.”

Inspire Pushing Yourself

“SOME things are easier said than done;  ALL things are easier done once said.”

Inspire a Little Interest

“The National Debt carries far more Interest than the debates surrounding it do.”

Inspire Wrapping it Up!

“If your plans have been Foiled; I assume the plan is to save them for later.”

Inspire the Fair Way!

“Unless you’re playing golf; there’s no such thing as a Good Lie.”

Inspire: Rye’s for the Occassion

“Bred to go Against the Grain.”

Inspire an Unstoppable Standstill!

“When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object; they share a laugh as humans debate the impact.”

Inspire Putting in the Proof!

“If God could be proved; then Faith couldn’t be.”

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