Inspire a little crazy!

It’s better to be off your rocker, than lazy, boy!”

One-liner Inspires: Message Delivered

Conceive that notion.“Since the day that we’re born, we learn that after a little labor we can come out ahead!”

One-liner Inspires: Mind Left More Right

Righting the course

“Most that say they’re in their Right Mind, tend to only use their Left Brain.”


One-liner Inspires: Personal Drive

It's the road less traveled. “The path to victory is unbeaten; the road to success is undefeated.”

One-liner Inspires: A More Perfect Order

Practice exists because of perfection.

“Befoe practice could make perfect; perfect had to make practice”

One-liner Inspires: “Summing it Up”

Count on one hand through five, or one friend through it all!

“If you can count on one hand, it can get you through five;
If you can count on one friend, it can get you through anything!”

One-Liner Inspires: Food for Thought!

Inspirational Quotes - Food for Thought
Food for Thought

“If you are what you eat; what would you be if you ate your words?”




One-liner Inspires: New Developments!

Personal Developmentpersonal development plan: act once; think twice;
give yourself some space & go from novice to no vice
~Loopholes on Life, 09.19.2012

One-liner Inspires: we come over to overcome

Life's a journey in adversity

“Life’s a journey in adversity; yet we keep seeking more;
but what would be the reward if it was easy before?”
~Loopholes on Life, 09.18.2012

One-liner Inspires: Surgeon Forward

“Healing others takes patients; healing ourselves takes patience.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.17.2012

One-liner Inspires: A better Mode than Mean

“Just because mean describes the average of numbers in math, does not mean it describes the average person in society.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.16.2012

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