The Science of Positivity Loophole!

The Science of Positivity

This short video just may change the way you view life, forever.  If all you have time for today is 20 seconds to dedicate to understanding the loopholes on life – give it to this video. After 20 seconds, I am certain you will find a way to free up an additional 3 minutes to finish it.

Do you believe in Science? Do you have faith in faith?  If we are honest with ourselves, most seek their alignment (even unknowingly).  Science & Faith are not so different, friends.  In fact, the two “disciplines” dedicate themselves to understanding the exact same book. The only difference is the order in which they pursue their understanding of the storyline in this ‘book of life’.

Science & Faith have never, in our history, been so close to converging! Let’s explore our faith in science & the science of faith.

Science & Faith – At Ends from the Start

Few would (or should) disagree with the premise that, as a “thinking” species, we seek an understanding of creation and a “purpose” for life. Few would (or should) contend with the fact that Science is dedicated to this cause by analyzing experiences stemming from the ‘world without’, just as Faith is dedicated to the cause by valuing deep-rooted feelings from the ‘world within’.

The two approaches have much, much more in common than they appear to on the surface.

A Politically Correct Analogy

Think of Science & Faith as the two primary political parties in a democracy (democrats & republicans).  The overarching goals of a democracy are supported by each party, they do however, passionately disagree with the approach necessary to ‘realize’ those goals.

When the Ends Justify the Means

There is a very logical reason that we have, for so long, viewed these two modes of thought as “at ends” with each-other.

As mentioned above, both Science and Faith are working to understand the same book of life. When “reading” and “interpreting” the book, however, there is one FUNDAMENTAL difference:

  • Science starts from the beginning and works its way toward the end;
  • Faith starts from the end and works its way toward the beginning.

This is why the two “think” they are “at ends”, BECAUSE THEY WERE!!! They have also, ALWAYS, been destined to converge – as each worked from opposite directions, they were bound to eventually “meet in the middle”.

The beauty of our collective misunderstanding regarding the “polarity” of these subject matters is that, once the two meet in the middle – we will understand ourselves in a whole new way.

  • Not only will the two “be aligned”, they will actually open up the doors to understand ONE ANOTHER at an accelerated rate.   Science deepen our understanding of Faith, Faith will remove barriers which inhibited scientific progress.
  • We will understand how naïve it was to try to subscribe to one of these areas alone while too often discrediting the other.
  • That realization can shake a lot of worldviews, and open many minds & hearts – yes, minds and hearts, Science & Faith, at the same time.

It was ALL by design.

How the Experiment “ Crystallizes” the Convergence of Science & Faith

When Science & Faith Face-off!

When Dr. Emoto exposed water to various words, music, pictures and video – and evaluated the samples of crystallized the water, it shed new light on both Science & Faith.

Whether you consider yourself a Man or Woman of Science, or a Man or Woman of Faith — this experiment was one of those perfect examples of when one tongue can speak in many languages.

In one fell swoop, two things were PROVEN in this experiment.

  • from a Scientific standpoint: Mind over Matter
  • from a Faith standpoint: the Power of Prayer

Mind over Matter

Water is water, right?  Just molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, with some trace elements differentiating the quality of the water itself, right?

Water is water just as humans are humans.  There are clearly similarities, but depending on our perspective, there are also clearly vast differences.  At some juncture, even saying “humans are humans” could be made more general to say “carbon is carbon” – we are so similar to all physical objects, yet our perception reinforces we are so different (afterall, we ran into this problem before, simply by how we evaluated Science vs. Faith!).

Dr. Emoto’s experiment proved there is some very real truth to “mind over matter”.  Thought changes things around us in a very real, physical way.

The Power of Prayer

Water Crystal, before & after prayer.

You do not need to be a ‘prayer warrior’ to appreciate the point here.  Positive thoughts, messages, words, imagery – positive surroundings had a very positive effect on the water in terms of the “beauty” and “order” in the way the crystals formed.

To those that believed prayer to be superstitious – you may consider giving it a chance, because those same thoughts will absolutely only give you more and more reason to believe that it is indeed a superstition.

Thought, and prayer, is most powerful when the individual ‘creating’ them firmly believes in the providence and power of it.   What if we all started thinking, and dare I say, praying, for a better world?

Worst case scenario, we’d think about it more for ourselves, and change ourselves even ever-so-slightly for the better.

Best case scenario, the water that makes up the majority of our bodies and the majority of the earth crystallizes into a thing of beauty, and our hope for a peaceful/better world becomes a reality.

So if you were anything like me, and like many, I hope this experiment offered you some insight regarding the POSITIVE relationship between Science & Faith.

After all, the results and the message are both CRYSTAL CLEAR! 🙂

Author: Loopholes on Life

LEARN from the past; LIVE for the moment; LOVE for eternity.

4 thoughts on “The Science of Positivity Loophole!”

  1. What we see…Infinity. We all try to hypothesize it.
    If the minds of geniuses have gone mad as they looked into the face of god , then what hope does the common man have as they seek the meaning of life and/or purpose of belonging? Is it the mind of a genius that becomes a double edged sword slicing the rest of us wide open while it defines the thin line of knowing and insanity?

    Will my social obsessions wreck my mind in the end?

    Profound insights into life are at times transcendent, especially during driving moments of intoxication— The search for truth is quintessentially defined as moments of realizing clarity or certainty. We all sit on this precipice of dangerous knowledge… great ideas that wield sharp teeth bite hard and leave septic saliva in a wound which infectiously manifests as irresolvable uncertainty.

    The Proof Never Comes.

    What is the word that explains wanting to understand your understanding of x, y, z? Beyond Anomie, what word exists to describe losing your sense of context while systematically being enveloped by the contextual life that makes one who they are? The only word that comes to mind is faith. And well, fuck that notion.

    We seek meaning; glory in truth. But in reality (it seems) more and more the majority look to faith. Not because they fear insanity as they look into the face of god buy because people exist as a mere probability, not certainty. You see: Probability undermines any clear unwavering notion of certainty.

    1. Beautiful synopsis. You clearly have a keen sense of what that “precipice of understanding” looks & feels like. I am confident that you find yourself the victor in any bar-room debate or late night speculation with friends. THIS is your gift and your curse friend!

      The very (valid) constraints you raise regarding our inability to see the answer beyond the question are also the very (flawed) constraints you also recognize in the inadequacies of human thought, knowledge, science, etc. Your initial synopsis, which again is beautifully written, IS the LOOPHOLE on life!

      You are stuck in the circular reference which drives those very ‘geniuses’ into “insanity”. You raise immensely powerful and important points regarding our historical inability to grasp something which cannot be grasped — and allude to the social deficiencies which lead to “context”.

      If you do not believe that science has “gotten us there” alone (which I would agree with), and you by “instinct’ reject the notion of faith to help bridge the gap — then you are relying on nothing more than the insufficient attempts of ‘documented words’ from historical figures to find the answer. The answer is found in yourself, and it requires more than historical knowledge which was transferred to us through a giant game of “telephone” (and in doing so, lost most of it’s context along the way anyway).

      The same reason you win every bar-room debate and late-night pontification is the same reason the answer itself eludes you. You have a series of extremely valid individual points which would drive most “on their heals”, but when you add up those series of valid points, the ULTIMATE POINT is lost!!

      So what is your ultimate point friend?

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