Fix-it Tips: No time to Regret

what would you do if today was the last of your life? what would you do different if given more time?What regrets would you have if today was the last day of your life?

What would you do different if, instead, you were given more time?


4 thoughts on “Fix-it Tips: No time to Regret

  1. regrets if life were to stop today? There is not much to regret, except that there’s always more stuff to discover, nomatter when you die, even when you grow one thousand years old.
    if I had known it were today? I might have travelled a little more than I did these past 10 years. Some practical stuff too, amd of course one never spends enough time with loved ones …

    • You are blessed with a great life and/or great awareness my friend! (at some juncture they are pretty much one and the same afterall). The most important discovery is that there is always more to discover, and as such, leaving some things undiscovered is less regrettable than it is expected! Appreciate the comment Bert, very relatable.

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