One-liner Inspires: 8/24, Constructive Thoughts

“Constructive thoughts can build one up,

but not as quick as destructive ones breaks them down.”


I will continue to make this blog more user-friendly for those that want to participate/contribute to the conversation. 

In the meantime – reply with a comment to ANY QUESTION you have that you feel is real difficult to answer.  And if so inclined, tell me your preferred subject matter, so I can tailor the answer to you. 

Science, spiritual, history, math, logic, sociology, the universe & the atom.  It’s all the same at some juncture — tell me what you’d like to know, and we can collectively work toward the answer! 🙂

One-liner Inspires, 08.23.2012

Start within, or end without.

“Start within, or end without.”

– Loopholes on Life

One-Liner Inspires: Road to Perfection

“The road to perfection consists of countless imperfections.”

-Loopholes on Life

One-Liner Inspires, 8/19

“We didn’t lose our marbles, but we took them for granite.”

-Loopholes on Life