#114 “The Untapped Spirits of Gin, Aliens, and Intuition!”

what is intuition and how to increase your sensitivities to maximize your life?

#114 “The Untapped Spirits of Gin, Aliens, and Intuition!”
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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic…? Naw, we can squeeze more out of our time on this rock my friends!!

Can you go sooo LEFT BRAINED
that you end up in your RIGHT MIND!?!

It is about time we find out.

Let’s explore the wonderful world of intuition, together!


“I guess gin is my ‘go-to’, but I don’t like it.
It’s kinda like the girl you date because she’s safe.”

“Intuition isn’t an intelligence thing. It’s a gut thing.
Roam around my gut for a day, it’s the least intelligent thing.”

“How would you respond if he leans in and asks:
‘hey Stitch, can you believe that guy believes in aliens?'”
…”can you believe that aliens believe in you?”

You, or, Someone You Know!

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