How Do We Smell The Roses?

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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and researching how to slow down a bit in my life and truly “stop and smell the roses.”  I did a little research on the phrase because I thought to myself this phrase is genius and yet so convenient but also so appropriate to life; yet the phrase is almost unabashedly American in it’s sound and approach and to me it’s such a simple yet profound life lesson. It seems the phrase is greatly attributed to Professional Golfer Walter Hagen in his 1956 book “The Walter Hagen Story.”  Apparently in the book, which I just put on hold at the New York Public Library, he says “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”  I am a huge fan of the phrase; but a terrible follower of it’s principle.

I am looking forward to hearing more from Mr. Hagen in his book and I think his mindsight is right where I want mine to go for a little journey.  You see much like so many other people in life I have been a fool who has been running around each day doing the duties, choirs, parenting, working and relationship role that has made each day go by as fast as a shooting bullet and rarely have I slowed down for a moment to realize how good my life really is or how incredible many of the moments during this hustle really are.  Think of Mr. Hagen out on the course in a competitive game of PGA Golf where every stroke matters and huge money is on the line and in this game he stops maybe only for a couple cherished seconds and leans over and closes his eyes and smells the incredible bushel of flowers near the path on his way to the next tee off.  What an incredible moment and sense of life appreciated in an overall intense life circumstance of a heated golf match.

This is my goal in life now.  When I am walking in NYC on a perfectly sunny day and see a leaf fall off a tree and blow back and forth in the light breeze as it daintily makes its way to the ground and lands perfectly on a bench next to an old man reading a book.  To stop even if for ten seconds to notice that happening and soak it into my mental appreciation for life.  Another reason this phrase is so brilliant is that all the senses play a great role ironically in “smelling” the roses. It’s not so literal after all which is the genius of the phrase.  The feel of a hug from my son after I pick him up from school is a second or two I close my eyes and soak that moment in.  The sight of my friends smile when I make them laugh is a brief moment I try to absorb.  Yes of course the smell of so many things does work as well; like the smell of a warm cup of coffee on a crisp cool morning that I am alive and healthy walking to start my day.

I am so happy I am starting to realize that it’s time to “smell the roses.”  I think I avoided this for so long because I haven’t fulfilled all my dreams yet in my career and personal life.  So I felt like there was not justification or time to allow myself to enjoy with great sincerity what I have.  Thankfully after doing much soul searching and frankly researching other insightful peoples blogs; I have really come to the conclusion I have so much to celebrate right now!  I live in one of the coolest cities in the world, I am healthy and in good physical condition, I have an incredible child who is full of goodness and love, a great girlfriend who loves me dearly and my dreams for my career are only a couple small steps away and definitely within an arms reach.  As the wise Walter Hagen said “Don’t hurry.  Don’t worry”  I may not be across any finish line yet but I don’t need to worry or hurry right now.  It’s time to take life as it comes, keep the ball moving……but definitely time to occasionally stop…..and smell the roses!

-Stan @stanloopholes

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“Oh, When the STRESS Comes Marching In!” #127

NO VACANCY!! The romance of a long weekend’s escape occupies the only room you had left in the anticipation apartment.

As the days come marching in, your heart beat seems to synchronize with the rhythms of a Bourbon Street celebration.  You are prepared to depart for a family wedding in New Orleans and to arrive in the middle of a good time. 

But first, you must fit a week of work into two days… and, oh yeah, you are bringing your 8 and 6 year old children with you… and, oh yeah, those kids are carrying cartoon-themed luggage as well as strep-throat…


We associate it to the bad times, but too often let it snake its way into the special ones.

So, today we ask… How do we minimize stress to maximize the moments that matter most?!


…then, after everyone is celebrating you for great speeches, smiles, high-fives, and hugs… you get strep-throat yourself, and have to carry around two 50lbs bags and a couple of kids all the way from Bourbon Street to Ohio.

You, or someone you know

Bonus Content:
** disclaimer: by reading this you subscribe to the fact you should have already hit play! **
> Reflect on the singular scenario Buddha totally stress beads out
> Let the mysteries of constipation flow through you
> Learn how listening to the Joe Rogan podcast will scientifically cure your anxiety!

“Love Handles, Limos, and WILL POWER!” #126

It’s the future, the past, and the WAY!

If you know this single word, power often follows. 

As a verb? It describes actions in the future.

As a noun? It defines what we leave behind.

Whatever it is, whenever it exists, there IS always a way!

Will power.


“What you see in me outwardly, is the relationship we have with ourselves inwardly “

“‘Would you go forth with accomplishing your goal no matter what, even if it put stress on a loved one for example?’ — ‘Well, here’s the thing, I’m not just a dick.'”

“‘Recognize the moment of focus leakage.’ — ‘yeah! How do you do that?’ — ‘by recognizing the moments of focus leakage.'”

You, or someone you know

“The Mirror goes Deep!” #125

Wanna yield exponential growth and success?

There’s a FREE tool available to us.
The resource is everywhere.
the everything is anywhere,
and, hey, go pee!

Reflection. deflection.
deception. perception!

…..the mirror goes deep!

It’s Stan, Stitch, and… San Fran local, west coaster, father of two, tech extraordinaire and brother of Stitch!

Think of the mirror.
then think again!!


“I’ve started to walk in…
but my longest journey was when i saw not one urinal.”

“We live every life in first character, but it’s only that moment in the mirror when you see yourself as a third party character now.”

You, or someone you know

“A Spooky Surprise!” A young kid’s breakdown of Halloween! #SE01

As the elation of free candy and sugar-highs fade, a bitter aftertaste of social confusion and fear ensues… Is there another holiday which conjures up a stronger emotional dichotomy than Halloween?!

Conjure up the kid in you and unpack these memories with us, as Stitch’s son Jax (also famously known as “Steve”) joins his favorite podcast for the first time!

Learn first hand from an eight year old:

  • How a single Halloween decoration ruined a young boy’s favorite holiday!
  • How 2 horrific tales from different families BOTH involve a “Tree Guy”!
  • How an epic deal involving podcasts and cucumbers was made!


“I like talking… but not too much. Dad always frustrates me!”

“Focus on your finger and making the world a better place.”

You, or someone you know!

“How to Catch Proverbs, Pun, and Pantry Mice!” #124

Within the reminiscent whisper of retrospect, one can reflect on the timeless truths we’ve heard over, and over, and over, and over again.

We hear them. We say them. We, sadly, all too often ignore them.

Perhaps you’ve heard: “A stitch in time saves nine.”?

Well friends, a Stitch and Stan combined can save even more!

Honor your grandma’s wisdom and hear us out! 


“You’re like a Chinese Mel Brooks, Stitch. I love it!
You’re like Confucius at a comedy club.”

“Have you heard the proverb “a stitch in time saves nine?'”
~”I don’t know what it means, but they underestimate my number!”

You, or someone you know!

“Big Dippers, Hill Dancers, and LEADERSHIP!” #123

Some are born, some are forged – all are chosen.

It is time to unpack the characteristics of leadership, and question the integrity of the star naming system!


“If constellations were amusement park rides, the Big Dipper would be Disney’s Tea Cups!”

“The qualities that make a born leader are also the ones they pay close attention to as a learned one. ”

“Great leadership is not a destination, it’s a decision to keep on becoming a better one for the rest of your life.”

You, or someone you know!

“The Oz Behind Vegas, Politics, & Subway Smells!” #122

As the rhythmic wheels of our first-world routines lullaby our heads and hearts to sleep, it escapes us once more. A great truth, cowering behind the shield of a green curtain and slithering yet deeper into figment of imagination. 

Most lives are restlessly lived in the mist of this slumber… However, if you are lucky and brave enough, you can follow it.  And if you follow it long enough, you can hear it…  From beyond a well-traveled path to the lesser-known curtain, you can identify that alluring whisper which has begged, bartered, and bet against your better judgement for your entire life.

Join Stan, Stitch, and Mike as they travel down that familiar road, bricked and yellowed, together.  It has been too long since someone confronted this ‘so-called’ wizard face-to-face!


“They’re gambling against the gamblers, but the gamblers are the sheep and Vegas is the shepherd.”

“Cereal deserves at least 1%, otherwise just use faucet water.”

“Obscure movie references, wine, Cleveland sports… Mike might be in the running for my new best friend.”
…“Tune in next week to the Mike and Stan Podcast!”

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#RiseBeforeFall……’s time!


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Hello Friends!

In the not so distant past I was on the infamous podcast with my pal Stitch and as we concluded thoroughly discussed the wonders of Hot Yoga and the concept of “Everything from Nothing” we caught ourselves in the midst of an unexpected and organic moment of realizing we….like many others…..might just have a little too many clothes, toys and materials than what we really need.  We made a commitment that night to do something about it and I hope to challenge and implore many of you to do the same along with us!

The campaign is called #RiseBeforeFall and we are committing to giving away about 1/3 of our closet to a charitable organization of our choice!  I have chosen to give my clothes to #goodwill and my shoes to  #soles4souls and will be documenting my progress on twitter if you follow me please @stanloopholes.  My son is gonna catch the fever and give away his toys that he is now too old for as well!

I got super excited about this when I was talking with Stitch because honestly I thought he wouldn’t be game for such a challenge!  For me living in NYC it’s easy to see the upside in downsizing in our shoebox apartments.  But even Stitch in his nice sizeable Akron Ohio home was down for the cause!  “I am about to go nuts, man!” were his exact words!!  So let’s see it Stitch!  Follow his path @loopholesonlife; let’s see what you can post along with me!!

What a crazy path this podcast and mindset brings us each and every day, week and month!  You would have thought this would have come up on “The unbelievable life of washing machines, and materialism” which was perhaps one of my favorite pods of all time; but leave it to us to get sidetracked like two dogs chasing a squirrel and find our passion to do something great on our Nothingness podcast.

I thank you for reading along with this blog and following our podcast and I challenge you to join us on twitter and to join us before the summer is officially over by committing to participating….even if a little….in #RiseBeforeFall!

See you all soon on the pod!


“Art of the Impossible!” #121

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

Winnie the Pooh

Revealing words. Bear truths…
Straight outta the 1-double-0 acre wood comes the philosophy of our favorite teddy.

Unrivaled is Pooh Bear’s knack for stating something so profoundly simple that we are left with nothing but the simply profound.

Pooh, as he so often does, operates in a fashion that demands we conclude he is delightfully ignorant, or better yet, just a “Silly Old Bear!”…

But friends, perhaps it is we who fast-forward past his simple genius, overlooking his bear smarts. Perhaps we are focusing on the wrong word and Pooh is simply ignoring the right one. Maybe it is us who carelessly hone in on his use of “nothing”, as Winnie casually escapes our emphasis on the “impossible”!?!

So… how do we accomplish the impossible?

Well… if Winnie the Pooh, Yoda, Taoism and Nike all agree on an approach, Just Do It! (per Yoda, there is no try)


“You know you’ve made it when your Last Name serves as a noun, an adjective and, especially, a verb!”

“I’ve never considered anything I’ve done impossible — I’ve just never even considered the possibility.”

“Greatness is not a destination.  Greatness is a decision.”

You, or someone you know!

“Not-so-Smart Phones!” #120

Your most treasured memories are entrusted in them. 
They are your go-to for guidance, when you’re feeling lost.
No matter how obscure the question; you look to them for answers.
They know your interests, and share some common ones.

Whether delivering a laugh, or drawing out a good cry
You know that you’ve got ’em, right by your side!!

Kinda wild how we all became best friends with our cell phones, right?!?

Maybe you called it…?
Either way, connect with Stitch and Stan as they unravel the ONE device that we keep so close our other cells get jealous!!

It has been called a technological marvel and a necessary evil
…but is it technically evil or necessarily marvelous?


(1) “What is one fun use of the mobile device? I mean fun too, not like emergency contact information.” [2] “The Weather app is fun! I like to know what’s happening!” (1) “Not my definition of fun, but okay…”

“One time a phone is always safe to use — and more efficient too…?When you’re taking a dump! !”

You, or someone you know!

“Everything from Nothing and Hot Yoga!” #119

Have you ever had a moment, so beautifully malleable, that today’s outcomes seem to be yours to cast in the vastness of tomorrow’s best potential possibilities?!

Where society’s rigor, for a moment, can be molded as seamlessly as an infant can of Play-Doh?

Where you can fearlessly face and relentlessly forge the future, with the requisite conviction of Plato?

Where you can shape it, you can bend it, but you will never fold.

For you can manipulate the clay-of-today with the certainty that tomorrow will bring nothing less than a hardened state of your original vision… Memorializing your craft, as if your acts were an everlasting statue gifted to the past… Forever capturing the greatness of the goodness in that single, beautifully malleable, moment.

Have you had that moment? If so, give us a heads up next time!!! Because today Stan and Stitch simply attempted to play with some Play-Doh, which was then overtaken by Plato, who seemingly swayed Michelangelo to shape the possibilities into something far greater than either of us could have perceived!

Friends, join our #RiseBeforeFall campaign… get something outta nothing and so, so much more!!


“Sure, I’d want to live forever if I could keep my youth and health”…
…”I don’t know man, vampires never seem too happy!”

“He was taking the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ approach to hot yoga? What a bastard!”

“A smile is a million dollars in a world of nothingness.”

You, or, Someone You Know!

“8 Babies, 1 Island, and Hope!” #118

Friends, do you recall?

4,000 years between the written language and the printing press.

300 years between the steam engine and reaching outer space, 

30 years between the internet and mobile technology.

Friends, can you imagine?

If there were 8 babies, an island,
and nothing more but a spring of hope?

How would society evolve differently?  Does history repeat? Would the New York Stock Exchange be recreated? (warning: a topic of heated debate ensues)

Friends… join us.
and let’s rebuild this baby TOGETHER,


” …history is just a collection of the societies which made it up in the past;
and society is just a reflection of the individuals which make it up today. “

You, or, Someone You Know!

The Complacency Meter!


square analog meter
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Hello Friends!

Great to be back writing another article for #loopholesonlife and I’m still loving my role as co-host of The Loop Holes on Life Podcast which I encourage all of you to checkout and enjoy on our website!

I remember once I was back at my alma-mater, The Ohio State University, where I stepped up to the bar with some old friends.  One of them told the bartender that me and my pal would love to try this new shot they were offering, the Tsunami, he proceeded to order two of them.  The bartender promptly agreed proclaiming “Two Tsunami’s coming right up” and before we could haggle our friend on why he didn’t order one for himself the bartender was already splashing two full cups of water into our faces.   We were soaked and speechless, taken aback and had probably about ten different feelings and emotions going through our heads in those ensuing seconds.  Anger, frustration, curiosity, stupidity, naivety and then in the end when we realized what really had just happened; we laughed our asses off and humor and even some joy and jubilation set in.

This is what I want my article to feel like when I talk about complacency today.  I look back on that moment of getting splashed in the face with water instead of receiving just another boring old shot on another same old day and the way it put me off track and set me back is what breaking complacency is all about!  I want us all to take a moment today, tomorrow or this week (can’t wait too long on this!) and check our complacency meter.  How would yours read?  Is it reading high up above 50% with lots of nervous yet exciting unknowns about what the future holds or is it trickling very low flickering around 10%?  What I mean by this is does your life challenge you or make you feel alive in ways that are exciting and maybe even uncomfortable?  This meter takes into account all aspects of life; work, family, physical fitness, friendships, hobbies and so much more.

So maybe work is something you aren’t satisfied in at the moment.  Each day is a doldrum of unmotivating work that goes in a circular motion day after day.  When someone bring up the “ole” work talk at a social event you cringe even talking about it.  Well then I say it’s time to do something about it and erratic that complacency!!  Maybe you don’t have to just quit….we all have financial obligations and rents to pay and mouths to feed.  But ask yourself what can you do?  Can you shake up the way things are done?  Can you get a promotion and take on more responsibility?  Is your boss holding you back and you’ve always said “he/she won’t change…he/she is impossible to work with?”  Well guess what you may  not want to hear….but have you sat down and shattered the complacency meter and straight up told your boss that you and the others feel that way?  It may not go to well but guess what;  ❝I really try to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Complacency is my enemy.❞ (Quote by Trent Reznor- yes I’m a big Rock Fan!).  I promise you this- if nothing else telling him or her this uncomfortable news will certainly shatter their complacency meter for a day!

I really do want to stress however this isn’t all about work.  Many of us have jobs that bring us some financial success and happiness and perhaps that’s what we are destined to do.  Even an pro-athlete who we would deem as the most successful of professions must feel immense complacency at times playing the same sport in the same cities over and over.  Sure it pays very well but who’s to say they didn’t want to be a Rock star or a Scientist or anything else.  What I mean is that we have to check our complacency meter on all of life’s aspect.  How’s your family life?  Do you let your wife give the kids a bath every night?  Shake that up and take your turn; make a game out of it and have a blast!  Do you need to take time for a date with your significant other and shake complacency up.  How’s your health?  Do you eat the same foods and never challenge yourself to get healthier or feel more fit?  Fitness is an easy way to shatter your complacency meter and really put yourself in a difficult situation from what your used to that will result in lots of jubilation and happiness in the end; much like that splash of water to the face I took.

Hobbies are a way I have found incredible outlets to keep from being non complacent.  Right now my career is very successful waiting for it’s next challenges that I know are forthcoming and I am actively pushing towards them.  So to get my complacency meter way up I challenge myself on home life (I travel to keep it exciting!) and I use my hobbies where I continue to get better and learn more about the guitar and try to practice and learn a new language in Spanish!  In my humble opinion; Television is one of the absolute detriments to the complacency meter.  I try to avoid TV at all costs and put my time into things that make me uncomfortable whether it’s travelling somewhere I haven’t been (even if just locally), eating a food I haven’t tried (ethiopian anyone?!), playing a song I haven’t mastered or trying to say something in a language I don’t know how to say.  These are small examples but I love the way they keep my life feeling on it’s “toes” and I challenge you all to try and take a similar approach wherever you can!

So good luck out there on assessing your complacency meter and feel free to drop us a like on this site if you enjoyed this article and give us any feedback you might have as well!  Look forward to having this complacency talk with my pal Stitch on The Loop Holes on Life Podcast real soon and wish all of you the best week ever!!



“The Gentlemen of Chivalry and Couples Massages” #117

The Chivalrous Gentleman’s Oath:

For every chair too close, 
four hands to lift it.
For every door left unopened, 
an “after you” to fix it.
For every pathway too puddled, 
two jackets to bridge it.
And if laughs are a present,
may these gentlemen gift it!

Join Stan and Stitch as they ‘tip their brow’ to some of modern day’s most chivalrous questions: 

“Is Chivalry dead? Where should it be resuscitated?”
“Does Chivalry have a gender?”
“What places will chivalry never exist?”

^^ plan accordingly friends! It’s a trip… with standing room only.  

What’s a gentleman to do?!


” Nobody and I mean nobody, this day of age, is walking up to a puddle on the street and laying down their jacket for the lady to walk through.”

“Wait a second! If we’re getting a couples massage and we’re not podcasting, then what are we recording Stan?!”

You, or, Someone You Know!

“In a World Without Time” #116

Most of us are bound to something we think we understand but can barely even conceive.  We are chained by memories of the past, constrained by worries of the future. We rarely allow our presence of mind to dwell in the present.

Even within that present, most remain imprisoned – and time is the warden. 

Our cell walls consist cell phones, which we utilize to etch the tally marks of mortality into our minds. We willingly cuff our hands to its watches.  We’re born into a life sentence that’s followed by a death penalty.

But times are changing, friends, and there is hope!

For there are some who refuse to be bound by this fear mongering tyrant.  There are some who refuse to serve time!

Take the time to join Stan and Stitch as they embark on the altruistic journey to free us from time and its treacherous shackles!


“Time is the great imaginary enemy of our dreams in reality.”

“The mysteries of time are revealed when you are
bored, stuck, and need to take a piss.”

You, or, Someone You Know!

“Life is a Game: Cheat Code Inside!” #115

The intensifying rhythm of an anticipating heart is finally quieted by the sound of the first note meeting your anxious ears. It is only the first note, but it sounds off with the authority of a starting gun initiating the great race of life.

As the first note reverberates down your spine in a familiar rhythm of its own, we go.

and we follow, and we race, and we time…
We try to survive, we can even thrive, but eventually, we will lose…

…and THAT is just musical chairs!

Games have a profound impact on our youth… Does that competitive spirit just… go away with age?

Maybe the game changes,
but life is a game… and it can be won!

From throwback childhood games to existential references and mathematical counter-points… Elon Musk, Conway’s Game of Life, Monopoly, Golf, Stan and Stitch all get in on this debate!

Game on!


“How is monopoly a family game?
Dicking people over for money and real-estate?!”

“Eventually we could become talented enough to program
a program to feel for itself

You, or, Someone You Know!

“The Untapped Spirits of Gin, Aliens, and Intuition!” #114

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic…? Naw, we can squeeze more out of our time on this rock my friends!!

Can you go sooo LEFT BRAINED
that you end up in your RIGHT MIND!?!

It is about time we find out.

Let’s explore the wonderful world of intuition, together!


“I guess gin is my ‘go-to’, but I don’t like it.
It’s kinda like the girl you date because she’s safe.”

“Intuition isn’t an intelligence thing. It’s a gut thing.
Roam around my gut for a day, it’s the least intelligent thing.”

“How would you respond if he leans in and asks:
‘hey Stitch, can you believe that guy believes in aliens?'”
…”can you believe that aliens believe in you?”

You, or, Someone You Know!

The Vine of Life

Hello To All Fans of Loopholes on Life!

Stan and I can’t wait to keep the intriguing and interesting conversations continued on the Loopholes on Life Podcast!  Today I wanted to post about something that really rung a bell with me.  I recently got to spend a few working days in Sonoma County sampling and learning all about the Cabernet Wines they produce in this region.   The setting was of course beautiful and the amount that I learned about grapes, wine, production and frankly….farming….was really eye opening.

But when I put the subject through the lens of  being Stan; co-host of Loopholes on Life, it got me thinking…. Maybe we aren’t all that different than Wine Grapes!!  You see to make great wine you need great grapes.  One lecturer from UC Davis Enology School said as one of the first things his professor said to him was “You’ll never make a good wine with bad grapes” you just can’t.  You need quality to make a successful wine; not all that different than human beings I would say?  You will never make a great team with bad players; a great song with terrible music skills or even a great company with terrible employees.  It really resonated with me about the importance of the craft of creating QUALITY products in this case in farming but resonated with me in all goods & services and continuing that by saying always trying to improve your product, team, friends or family who whomever you help shape and lead into the best they can be so we can produce the best results!

Secondarily, I learned such an intimate relationship we share as humans with the grape.  The wine grape is of the utmost quality and provides the most complex and interesting notes and profiles when it STRUGGLES to live.  The grapes that sit on the valley floor getting all the sunlight in the world, all the water they could ever need and all the food, soils, pesticides and anything else they need to be perfectly grown will in fact produce the lesser quality wine than the grape that barely has enough water to hang on or gets just enough sun light in a day to grow.  You can’t say the same exists with all fruits making it a very special similarity to us humans!  Because I believe you can say that about all humans.  The best humans are made by working hard, striving for what they need in life and not getting it all handed to them on a silver platter.  Finding a way to live and succeed against all odds.  Growing and learning and digging deeper to learn and be educated just like a wine grape digs deeper and deeper into the soils to find it’s nutrients and water picking up character and uniqueness along the way!

You could say that a fine wine an accomplished human being are the perfect pairing!  I love that wine brings me into this head space today and I hope you can see some of my points!  Perhaps I can drag Stitch into a Podcast all about wine one day; and although it may be a bit one sided I’m sure we could find a lot in common over this topic!

farm land during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on


Have a great day all of you!


“JFK Gate 31: the Truth behind NEWS and New York Travel!” #113

Do you recall THAT day, my friends!?!

THAT day, unfolding so seamlessly and flawlessly hour by hour that your smart phone can only project “magic” in the forecast?

THAT day, that ‘trending toward perfect’ one, where the sequential events tend to naturally build momentum into a domino fall of happiness. A pattern of statistically significant goodness, raising expectations and a smile.

How about THIS DAY? Deceitfully mirroring the same image of “THAT day”, yet fated to be the ‘Bizarro’ of Cinderella stories.

Have you ever had a day of good things leading up to a dinner of FREE Old Fashions and Premium Steak at a fine New York Establishment — hosted by your best friend………. which ended with plantar fasciitis and shin splints?

No News is Good News…
but No New York Travel is even better!!

On this episode you will hear one of the great New York day trips turn into a nightmare; a nightmare turn into awkward work colleague travel; and awkward work colleague travel turn into heroism and lasting lower-limb problems.

You’ll also learn how to flag down a cab as a New York visitor
trying to catch a night flight, and why we should
have a healthy distrust of the News and Uber.

Tonight, at 11:00p!


>> “”and i start my run. and I run. and I run. I start sprinting. and I’m spinning in and out of people with my bags, picking my obstacles, choosing escalators with people or static stairs with none. I was like a ninja warrior.””
>> “That’s substantially cooler than me ordering “Mean Girls” on demand.
>> “cortisol? is that what makes me horny?”

You, or, Someone You Know!

What’s Your Endgame?

Hello Loyal Listeners!

Happy to be back on the writing trail with all of you again after a far too long reprieve of telling myself I’ve been “too busy” to get a post in.  Which we all know by  now is just a fancy way of saying to ourselves ….accept my laziness and procrastination oh dear conscious….. we all do it far too often.  But it’s a great moment like this when we get back on the horse and end those behaviors.

I wanted to write today about a topic I’m going to assume millions if not billions can relate to since we are on the heels of the largest box office opening weekend in history with Marvel’s End Game.  Now I am not a movie buff and I’m not even a big comic guy at my core.  I got into these movies through my son and together we started watching action comic movies and had a blast spilling our popcorn in excitement together when the good guys won over the evil bad guys!

I guess you could say I am sucker for the incredible characters, the awesome story development, insane CGI and the laundry list of A list stars on the roster.  But what I truly have come to find I love most about these films is that I find them to just be somewhat blatant metaphors to our lives and the trials and tribulations we experience.  Blatant to me; probably not a clue to my son which is why it works so well!

So for sake of not being a spoiler alert to the couple dozen people left on Earth who haven’t seen this film I will keep this as vague as possible.  But basically in the film the non spoiler premise of the Avengers is them going back through time in an effort to try and re-write history.  That alone to me was such a metaphor right off the rip.  How many of us wouldn’t love to go back in time and get another chance at getting something right?  That time you let the one you shouldn’t have slip away…..that moment you knew you could have done more to help a friend or family member…..that time you lied….the arguments you never needed to have…..the moments you quit when you should have kept going.  The list goes on and on.  I love that this movie challenged me to accept fate and realize that although the “Avengers” might have a way to go back in time- in real life we don’t; at least not yet! (queue my friend Stitch for a time travel podcast!)  We have to be responsible for our actions in real time and failures and success are what define us and we must come to terms with that and use those experiences to better ourselves!  I think that is what the metaphor was to me!

The movie has a lot of plot to it and it’s 3 hours long….which was not easy at times….lol.  But I enjoyed the metaphors.  I was taught lessons of Will Power as the Avengers never let go of the attempt to try and win back their lost ones and on the flip side the will power of the evil side with Thanos and their never ending attempt to destroy the spirit of the Avengers.  Leaving that movie really motivated me to get moving on my life and get out and accomplish things while I still have time.  It gave pause to realize what in my past I would have loved to have gone back and changed and to have to remember those things and accept them again and use the learning lessons to my advantage now.  Lastly, it made me feel proud and special to know that thanks to my daily regime and half decent daily diet & exercise (excluding my NY Pies) for once in the history of Marvel films…I had a body better than Thor!!!!

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