Universe You: Positive Relationships (Part 2a)

What is the secret to creating & maintaining a positive, long-lasting, relationship?

All of us long for “connection”.  It is our relationships, THE connectivity, which gives meaning to our experiences and validates our existence. Some of us even strive to connect based on a perceived lack of connection!

Whether you are looking to “find love”, whether you are interested in cultivating a positive relationship at work, whether you hope to develop a more meaningful relationship with a family member or friend — the answer is ALL the same, and can be found in “Universe You.

Part 1 of the “Universe You” series discussed connecting the two most ‘extreme’ dots on the line of existence – the Universe and You.  Part 2 will expand upon that concept to provide insight into how you can leverage that awareness to start connecting all the dots in between.  By doing so, one is able to create, develop and maintain relationships with relative ease.

Part 2 will be divided into two separate articles – because it is critical to understand the foundational relationship we have with the universe before we can ‘subdivide’ and connect the dots between ourselves and others!

There is three-step process for forming successful relationships in terms of “Universe You”:

  1. understand our individual relationship with the Universe (Universe You)
  2. understand that same relationship as it pertains to others (Universe Them)
  3. understand that same relationship as it pertains to each other (Universe Us)

Ready to embrace the power of this concept? Okay then…

Let’s see what you are made of!

You are intimately connected with the Universe & it is infinitely connected with you.

Our perception of the universe being “separate from us” is a ramification of the stock we put into our (ever so limited) senses.

However, you are in the universe, and it is in you. It is made up of us and we are made up of it.  And yes friends, even science has supported this claim! How??

The Holographic Universe Model

Many forward-thinking (and even backward-thinking) scientists have begun to accept the “Holographic Universe” model.  There is a plethora of information available regarding the model available on the internet, so I will leave the concept for your research & discernment for the time being. However, there are two points which are important to consider without needing to immediately accept this ‘model’ as definitive ‘truth’.

  1. Do not let the concept of “holograph” mislead you.  When I was first exposed to this concept, I was beyond skeptical, as my preconceptions of what the term meant lead me to assume that the model discredited the ‘realness of reality’, that it is some grand mirage. At the time I did not conceive the subjectivity of reality in the way I do today – but even so, the primary point to take away from this model is that “the universe is made up of, and behaves similar to, a hologram”.  Be sure to avoid bias based on our notion of what a hologram is when exploring this concept.
  2. For purposes of understanding “Universe You” (in general and in terms of cultivating positive and meaningful relationships), one needs to only conceptualize how a hologram works.

The Overarching Relationship – How it all ‘works’ together

There are TWO SIMPLE TRUTHS relating to how holograms function which can help one begin to conceive the intimate & infinite relationship between YOU and the UNIVERSE.

  1. A hologram changes based on perception!  The “angle” from which one views a hologram CAUSES CHANGE. The movement, shapes, colors, etc. – all the things which make up reality. 🙂
  2. When a hologram is divided, EACH PIECE continues to show the ENTIRE HOLOGRAM!

Okay, so how does all this relate to forming positive relationships?? Our similarities are truth and differences are merely ‘divisions’ based on our perception.

When you embrace the fact that we’re all cut from the same cloth, it’s easy to look past the things that drive us apart – as there are like-threads that weave ALL OF CREATION together.

Universe You: We are Made in its Image!

All things create in their image.  Those familiar with the Bible will immediately recall one of the first points in Genesis, “God made man in his image”.  (sidebar: It’s amazing how I misunderstood, and even undermined, so many sage points from ‘the Good Book’ throughout my “Left Brained” years — but as science & faith continue to converge, more and more will see the science in their faith and the faith in their science.)

Independent of your “world-view” on God, it does not change the truth behind the statement in terms of your relationship with the Universe.   Simply take ourselves for example: we create in our image on a daily basis.

We create our children in our image, through our DNA & character traits. We create the environment which reinforces their behavior, just as others created the environment which helped shape our behavior.   Beyond creating and molding the next generation — we create and mold other things in our image as well.

One needn’t look further than the inventions we “create”.  Technology, computers, the internet – they are made, precisely, in our image. In fact, the mission of technological advancement in computers is to enable them to process and store information as effectively and efficiently as our own brains! From an internet perspective, does anything speak more to our human desires to “connect” and “relate” than the internet itself, and the microcosm of social networking platforms within it?

Whether faith-minded, science-minded, both-minded, or even (and sometimes ideally) absent-minded — it is not so hard to see this infinite relationship that the creators & the created share.

The Infinite Relationship:

We create in our image because that is a trait of the image we were created from. In fact, we were created to continue creating in this way. That IS ALL WE HAVE to work with after all.  However, due to the infinite relationship between all things through this creation process – it is also EVERYTHING WE WOULD EVER NEED to work with.

The deeper we look into physics at a quantum level, the more similarities we see with the cosmic level.  The more we understand the stars, the more we understand the molecules – and everything in between.

All creation, and all of creation, is interconnected by this same relationship, creation through division.  Growth in the universe is “fractal”, the infinitely smaller parts resemble the infinitely greater parts of itself.

From there – each “part” does it’s “part” to achieve the same goal as the original “whole”.  After all, we were created in an image which created in its image, thus, we create in our image things which would (with free will) create in their image.

Understand this foundation – and next week, we will expand on how to make it actionable in your life to create & maintain positive relationships.

KEEPING YOUR T.A.C. (train, action, change):

For this week – consider the following T.A.C.

  • Train: ‘reflect ‘ on how  a holographic relationship with the universe is evident in your life
  • Action: remember you are not the only you, so ‘do unto others as you’d have done unto you’
  • Change: yes you can!

Until next time friends, remember there is no Universe without U in it! 🙂

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