Universe You: Why YOU Matter!!

You are important. Without you, the rest of us would be nothing.

If you think that’s an overstatement, think again.  Better yet, stop thinking!

It’s time to reclaim your self-esteem. The building blocks of confidence start by deconstructing the building blocks of matter.

YOU MATTER… let’s explore how you matter, both literally AND figuratively!

Part 2 of the Universe You series, Universe You: Positive Relationships, and Universe You: 3 Pillars of a Positive Relationship laid the foundation for how one can cultivate and maintain positive relationships.  While there were several important concepts in those articles pertaining to the relationship between the Universe, and YOU, this article will build off those concepts in two ways:

Let’s break matter down to build what really matters up!

  1. Why you matter (figuratively)! In order to establish a positive relationship, with anybody or anything, one needs to understand why they matter – why they are worth it – why they deserve it.
  2. Why you matter (physically)! In the previous articles, the concept of a holographic universe was discussed – primary points being that we are all made in the same image, and that the ‘pieces of the whole reflect the whole itself’.

How does this pertain to self-esteem? Let’s start with the physical, and BREAK IT DOWN, to then BUILD YOU UP!

Why You Matter PHYSICALLY: Only Perception Matters!

The 7 Steps Leading to Self-esteem Issues:

Before we deconstruct the ‘physical nature’ of matter, let’s understand how it pertains to our self-esteem!

Connect the dots:
1. Observation CREATES Matter. (perception IS reality)
2. Matter CREATES Division.
3. Division CREATES Separation.
4. Separation CREATES Individuality.
5. Individuality CREATES Ego.
6. Ego CREATES False Confidence.
7. False Confidence CREATES Perception Issues.
</continue cycle>

What is the true nature of “Matter”?

“If a tree falls in the woods and
no one is around to hear it….”;

“I think, therefore I am….”;

“Mind over matter….”.

As science & faith converge, systems which were once PERCEIVED to be at ends can begin to shine light on, and reinforce, one-another.

“Matter” is not what we think it is.  This is proven by science, and co-signed by faith.   From miracles of saints – to the quantum observations in science, the same story is spoken in two different languages.

One of the first jaw-dropping discoveries into the ‘true’ nature of matter was the SPACE in matter.  Literally, the building blocks of life, when broken down, are almost entirely built out of SPACE!  Not liquid.  Not solids.  Not ‘submatter’.

If you expanded an atom to the size of the universe, the relative distance between the sub-atomic components would be eerily close to the relative distance of the stars in the universe!!  Think about that… Think again… Stop thinking. Start “knowing”.

For those “doubting Thomas'” out there, feel free to research and discern on your own accord – some very interesting topics to begin your race down a series of infinite rabbit holes include:

1. The “measurement issue”:  through scientific observation, matter does not take “form” until it is measured!  It does not take form, until it is observed.  It is not observed until it is, quite literally, perceived!
2. The “Double-slit experiment”: a great way to “shed additional light” on this topic is by exploring the behavior of photons in this experiment.  As always, it ALL relates. 🙂

So if we know why self-esteem originates, at some juncture, by matter — and we know that matter, itself, doesn’t matter…. Then….That means ANY SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE ISSUE CAN AND SHOULD BE RESOLVED, with ‘relative’ ease!

Why You Matter LITERALLY: put your confidence in OUR confidence!

The Ants go Marching…

Each ant in a colony represents the colony itself. How many ants need to leave before they no longer associate themselves with the colony?

How many ants need to leave before the ‘collection of ants’ is no longer perceived as the “super-organism” we understand them to be?

Friends, we are ants in a cosmic farm of potential, and that understanding should give you PEACE.  If it doesn’t, then at least validate it is not your ego, your need to “individuate” that is causing the conflict.

Restoring Confidence; Redefining Reality; Reconstructing Perception:

We’ve created, and reinforced, a material world.  We defined it, then relinquished our power and allowed IT to define us.

This does not mean you need to turn your back on all materials — but if you want the short-cut to confidence and self-esteem, the trick is to avoid being CHAINED materials, by possessions, which are only representative of the value we place in the ever-so limited perceptions of others.

We put value in what is valued – and after further evaluation, realized we valued everything incorrectly!

Perception creates matter. Matter creates reality. Reality creates perception issues. </repeat cycle>

TRUE confidence is not built by society.  TRUE confidence stems from society’s ‘perception’, but the reason it is TRUE, is because it is YOU!  True confidence is exuded by YOU simply just being YOU.  Stay true to yourself, and it is easy to stay true to the truth.

Our perception makes matter.  Matter creates reality.  Reality causes perception ISSUES, and the cycle repeats.

You are great, capable, and beautiful — just like EVERYONE else is!

So you want to immediately increase your self-esteem? Start by removing the “self” from it.

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