“Seeing What Is”

I once saw what I wanted, now I’m seeing what is;
was ignorant, but now I get the reason it’s bliss.
for I was lost and then found my reason to live;
amazing grace didn’t sound more sweet than it did.

cuz the plot gets a lot darker, deeper, and thick
but the ending is lighter; sparking me like a wick
it’s the story of a good book with no pieces omit
but the message gets hidden by reading too quick
– –  +-   -+-   -+  – –
I once dreamt I was awake; but kept sleeping for kicks
and kept livin in the present so life seemed like a gift
I knew I wasn’t perfect, and know most people are sick
but seen too many more broken to think I needed a fix

the more wretched the land, the better I am; it seemed so legit
so I elected the chant; rejecting the chance to be more than it.
protected my stance; neglecting to stand, in need of a lift
was given a hand… but never did plan on keeping a grip

we’ve all been living for believing… that a reason exists!
to question ‘I am, who am’, who’s been teaching us this?
my interest was amountin, which had piqued on a cliff;
and faith was a conclusion reached by leaping off it!

I kept seeking and seeking; couldn’t cease or desist
defining my life by trying to find some meaning of it
but the wisdom of the ancients said to believe like a kid
and the question wasn’t answered til it ceased to exist

i bet that I would testify; if I test, and reason with it
but beyond that shadow of a doubt was a deeper abyss
for what we sow, we shall reap; and I really dont knit
so it seems the seams I sew are all too easily ripped!

always something up my sleeve, an unreachable itch
i was deceived into thinking that we cant be tricked
but now i’ll swallow my pride before it breaches my lips
and practice what I preach, so I can preach what I did

we all get what we deserve, and receive what we give
…I once saw what I wanted, now I’m seeing what is.

Author: Loopholes on Life

LEARN from the past; LIVE for the moment; LOVE for eternity.

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  1. this is beautifully written and very deep. thank you for being so forthcoming with your feelings. you truly know how to paint a picture with your words.

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