Why does Death come in Threes?

Death comes in threes; because creation comes in patterns.

Someone who I had not spoken too in months instant messaged with a compelling question the other day, and an equally compelling dialogue followed! 

The question: Why does Death come in 3s?

Session Start: Thu Aug 01 14:20:31 2013 -0400

Teej: hey what’s going on?
FRIEND: Not much dude. Haven’t seen you around in a bit
Teej: ahh, i’m around.

FRIEND: Any new and cool research?
Teej: whatcha interested in research wise?
Teej: im more of a dot-connector than a book-learner, so dont really research much
FRIEND: I look at you as the esoteric guy man
FRIEND: Wisdom wrapped in a riddle

Teej: a fair assessment
Teej: my gift and curse is that we could go any direction you’d like lol
FRIEND: Can I ask u a off the wall q
Teej: absolutely

FRIEND: What’s your take on death
FRIEND: for starters
FRIEND: the in 3s thing
Teej: specifically the “in 3s”?
FRIEND: iunno if u heard the proverb
FRIEND: death comes in 3s

Created in the Pattern of Creation:

Teej: yea for sure
Teej: so i can speak to it a couple ways but let me start with the most generic yet important

  • all creation is made ‘in its creators’ image, we were created from our creators image, we create in our image
  • from nature (genetics) to nurture (behavioral patterns) – we create and re-create the world around us; influencing and being influenced
  • without going deeper there – you can think of that ‘relationship’ between creator and the created as “source code”
  • the code is reused, taken from the creator, and bestowed in a separate ‘repository’ — whatever is created is a ‘part’ of the creator

Teej: so why this relates to death? and the rule of 3?
Teej: because it all begins with creation, the polarity of death
Teej: and based on regenerated code (similar but unique) during, there are patterns throughout all existence
Teej: the patterns can be seen in ALL aspects of life, from how our cells replicate (literally cellular division, reproducing in their image)
Teej: to music, to proportions in nature and in our own bodies

Teej: combine the fact that:

  • (1) “patterns” exist — in all things; the pattern is always there, just waiting to be perceived. Individuals just need a reason to see it.
  •  (2) the ‘permanence’ we feel re: death; the permanence of death often serves as a trigger for us, even subconsciously, to “seek” signs when we’re surrounded by it.

Seek the Pattern and you shall See the Pattern

Teej: with the pattern available, the desire to see it – the rest can be surmised by “seek and ye shall find”
Teej: we SEEK SIGNS at a time of death, and SEE the patterns which already exist and flow through all things
The fact these patterns already exist by no means undermines the ‘providence’ of the signs.
In fact, it is a reflection of how far we are, as a society, removed from the truth — and the inter-connectivity of all things.

The Number 3 is the FIRST Pattern

Teej: while patterns exist in all things
Teej: the most evident trigger is 3
Teej: because 1 is just 1, 2 is a couple, and 3 is a trend
Teej: if we wanted to, we could see 5 deaths, but the area becomes more gray

Teej: so we are comfortable at stopping at that pattern
Teej: and allowing it to have some sort of providence, as we like the idea of that kind of pattern
Teej: because it ‘is’ truth
Teej: that pattern of death is consistently happening in proportion to how it always has been

Teej: but 3 literally becomes the magic number, as it is the first that “triangulates”
Teej: two points make a line, but 3 points make a plane
Teej: 3 points can convey a trend, unlike 2 points
Teej: so yes, i believe there is truth to ‘death comes in 3s’, but the significance of ‘the 3’ is subjective based on our human nature and experiences. 3 points make a trend.

Session Close: Thu Aug 01 15:18:41 2013 -0400

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