Inspire an Unstoppable Standstill!

“When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object; they share a laugh as humans debate the impact.”

Inspire Putting in the Proof!

“If God could be proved; then Faith couldn’t be.”

Inspire a little crazy!

It’s better to be off your rocker, than lazy, boy!”

One-liner Inspires: It’s ALL Related

Apply relativity to a stranger.
“At some juncture: Everything is relative, & Everyone is family.”

One-liner Inspires: A Fowl Beginning

They arrived at the same time.“In the beginning: the chicken hatched
from the same egg that it had laid.”




One-Liner Inspires: Get Better in Sight

“Good retrospective is 20/20good introspective is 24/7.

~Loopholes on Life, 09.14.2012

“How to be Happy” Loophole

We all want to be happy… right?!

If that was the case, why do so many people with such propensity to be happy…just…seem…to…eventually…self-destruct?

The trick to being happy is NOT to “obtain” happiness! By doing that, we are really putting our happiness in the “obtainment of whatever it is that was obtained”. The REAL secret to securing happiness is to… Continue reading ““How to be Happy” Loophole”

One-liner Inspires: What State do you Reside in?

“Depression is a state – but so is Happiness… so find the right inspiration & be moved by it.”

~Loopholes on Life, 09.13.2012

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